About me

I am a child of God.
I am married to the most incredible man, ever.
I am a momma to little miracles.
I am a runner.
I am the maker of our home, sweet, home.
I am highly ambitious, but severely self-conscience.

I love to cook and bake.
I love good coffee and good conversations.
I love tiramisu.
I love that my job is to raise and enjoy little boys.
I love that God redeemed me and called me His own.
I love when the seasons change.
I love to travel.

I am from West Virginia, but firmly believe that my "home" is where my husband and boys are.  Right now Edmond, OK is where we reside and I like that.

I fell in love with my husband when I was 22, he was 25.  We dated for two months then got engaged.  We had a long distance, five month engagement.  We got married in November 2004 and haven't looked back since.  That may have been the single most wonderful thing I've ever done - as in married Patrick.

My body doesn't make babies naturally, although I believe in miracles.  God kindly allowed us to struggle with infertility.  I'll happily share what I learned, in fact I have a lot of thoughts already scattered through my blog.

When I was 25 I resolved to spend the year finding out who I was and what my favorite things are.  I did it and now I think everything is different.  I am okay with that.  It helps me to embrace change a little more comfortably.

If you can't find me please check Anncey, France or St. Andrews, Scotland - chances are I'm hiding there and loving every second.

**This blog is a recording of my life. The words and pictures on this blog belong to me, unless otherwise stated.  Full permission is necessary when using either one. The opinions on here are mine and I'm entitled to them.  Be kind when commenting.  Stop by often, I always have something to say.**