Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pink Dance Party!

Elise asked very persistently for a "pink dance party" for her birthday.  She has been waiting {not} so patiently for this day to come!  It's so hard to believe my girl is THREE! She is such a treasure to us, to me.  She was my easiest delivery, our strongest willed child and the most girly little princess!

Elise is kind and compassionate.  She is feisty and opinionated.  She is vibrant and expressive. She will talk constantly if you give her the opportunity {and sometimes even when you don't}. She loves to sing and dance and play with dolls. She likes to snuggle on the couch and run errands to Target or Trader Joe's.  She likes to help, but also likes her own way.  She can be so sassy and then be so sweet.  We often say that this is Elise's world and we are just living in it :)  And that's a fairly true statement.

Elise loves to take care of Caleb. Sometimes it works out great for both of them and most of the time Caleb ends up crying because she squeezes a little too tight or tells him "NO" a little too loud.  Elise loves Benjamin and admires him so.  She and Andrew enjoy/tolerate one another.  They fight the most between all the kids.  Yet, Andrew is a safe place for her and he loves her well.

Elise is still a daddy's girl through and through.  It's been so sweet to have her develop a desire to spend time with me lately, though.  She loves to wear makeup and dress up.  Elise wears a ballerina dress most days and rarely wears pants these days. Her currents goals are to go to school and take a dance class -- she asks for both daily. 

Elise lights up our days.  She is a treasure and a delight.  She is so different than the boys and I say that a lot, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  She is who she is and it is fabulous! Even on hard days and tantrums and meltdowns and when she is absolutely inconsolable, she is our girl and she is such a gift to our family.

Here are some pictures from her party!!!!

Elise was a little scared/dramatic about the candles. 

friends + cake!

Elise's favorites!

Me and my girl and her girl.



Dancing to "Let it go"!

Such a {short} fun dance party! All these kiddos has some great moves!

Pink decorations and pink presents. 
The very pink cookie cake Elise requested.
Snacks and treats! and pink.
Opening presents was a slow and thoughtful process for Ellie!

AND here are some random pictures of our sweet girl! Everyday is a fantastic adventure with Elise!

Elise is THREE!!

Here is Elise's three year old questionnaire:
I have added my own comments about what she likes.  Her answers give you NO idea about who Elise is or what she likes ;) I loved asking her these questions and waiting for the answers.  She always makes me laugh.

How old are you? 1-2-3!
How tall are you? ummm. i'm 5. (She's TALL! I'm pretty sure she was 36 inches at her last appt)
How much do you weigh? 3. (about 35 pounds)
What is your favorite toy? my pink toy. (baby mary and all of her accessories.)
Favorite book? my pink book. (Elise loves the baby lit books --Jane, Alice, Pride & Prejudice)
Favorite movie? my pink movie. (Elise rarely watches movies.)
Favorite TV show? Einstein's! 
Favorite food? pink food. cake! (Elise loves yogurt and fruit, PB sandwiches, mac & cheese)
Favorite fruit? pink banana (I would say her favorite fruit is starwberries or grapes.)
Favorite vegetable? snap peas
Favorite snack? pink snack. (fruit snacks, zbars.)
Favorite drink? juice. i want juice.
Favorite activity? talk about my birthday.
Favorite color? ummm..some colors. (pink)
Favorite sport? dance party.
Favorite song? Jesus. (Elise loves to sing! She can sing Amazing Grace, Be Thou my vision, Jesus loves me and so many more)
Favorite animal? pink animal. (monkeys? horses? My Little Ponies? ahhaa)
Favorite game? Halleluia (She calls "Let it go" Halleluia. She's never seen frozen, but we dance to let it go a lot.)
Favorite outfit? pink ballerina dress.
Favorite holiday? some cake. um, my birthday.
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? blankie. baby mary. thumb.
Best Friend? Lorelei is my friend.
When I grow up I want to be? a ballerina.
Nicknames? Ellie. Ellenator. Sissy.
Thing I am really good at? Being a mommy to Mary and Caleb. Helping mommy. Dancing.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The things Andrew says...

Andrew has always been a fabulous conversationalist.  He is lively and hilarious -- and I don't think he even tries. He is random and easy going. So, it's no wonder that on a daily basis I think "I really should write this down!"

*A few weeks ago, Andrew came into the kitchen while I was doing dishes.  He came up behind me, tapped my bottom and walked to the pantry.  He turned his head around while still looking for a snack and said, "Hey mom. Are you sure you're not having another baby?" To which I responded, "No buddy, we are all done having babies..." Andrew looked for a snack again and then said, kind of loudly, "Well, your just all fat and squishy." *insert rolled eyes and a little sigh from me*

*We were coming home one evening and the gate opener for our neighborhood wasn't working well. I said to Patrick, "This clicker only works when you're just right in front of it..." and out of no where Andrew chimes in and says, "It because the mouses are working it." Haha!

*Andrew calls spaghetti "ska-betty" and so do we :) It's also one of his favorite foods.

*When Andrew wants to say "it doesn't matter", he says "what matters..."

*Andrew goes through phases of not liking girls every day, and only liking girls on Sundays and Thursdays.

*He gets along with most kids and changes his "best friends" somewhat regularly.  Although, Micah is usually the top friend :)

I wish I could think of more of his conversations off the top of my head! He is so funny and loves to talk -- which makes for constant Andrew-isms! He is confident in what he says and it's always so random and serious.  He also gets in trouble often for his words.  It's a fine balance to learn -- especially when you're five.

Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of school // 2016-2017

 Benjamin is in 2nd grade!!! Time has gone by so fast -- it feels like we were just getting ready to start preK and now, he's a big kid! He was mostly ready for school to start, but wasn't super excited about not being able to play and do whatever he wanted all day {hahahahaha!}.  He was ready and antsy to leave 15 minutes before we had to leave.

 Age: 7
Teacher: Ms. Wagner
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite color: black
Favorite friend: Alexander
Favorite subject: science and recess
Least favorite subject: Math. With a hearty grunt and huff.
When he grows up, he wants to be: A scientist/astronaut -- working for NASA

Benjamin was underwhelmed with my desire to take several pictures. He didn't last long with this tradition! 


Andrew is in half day preK this year. I don't regret in the slightest holding him back a year.  It was perfect for him and for me! :) He was a little hesitant this morning, but ready to go.  He was so brave and did so well in class!

Andrew, though, loved taking pictures and asked me to take several of him doing different poses.

 Age: 5
Teacher: Mrs. Chan
Favorite food: pizza and spaghetti {as he says skabetty}
Favorite color: dark, dark black
Favorite friend: Micah and Ben {neighbors}
Favorite subject: being friendly and writing
Least favorite subject: uh, math? {because that is Benjamin's answer. ha!}
When he grows up, he wants to be: a ninja

I love this picture of Andrew! Such a true picture of this boy!
A favorite skill: touching his nose with his tongue!

A few pictures of my big boys together!!! I love days with Benjamin and Andrew and I'm pretty sad that school has started. Even on hard days, I like that we are together.  I like being the main influence in their lives during the formative years of their childhood.  A schedule and structure will be nice, but I would rather hang out with these guys than send them to school! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Caleb is ONE!

How can it be that our sweet Caleb is already ONE?! You can read his birth story here, if you want! He is a delight to our family and we all enjoy him.  He never lacks attention or help or whatever he wants, really.

Caleb is 20.5 pounds and 28 3/4 long -- by far our smallest baby by this time. BUT he's growing normally and super cute. He crawls everywhere and climbs when he can. He really enjoys stairs when he has the chance. He pulls himself up and is so pleased with himself each time.

He smiles at almost anyone.  He waves and points and claps.  He has four teeth and two that are on the way. He eats just about anything and likes snacks and water. His favorite things to eat are fig bars, meat and fruit. That seems pretty well rounded to me!

He loves his paci and blankets.  He likes being held and really loves me a lot. Not complaining at all. Because the feeling is mutual. He enjoys seeing daddy and snuggling with him.  Caleb loves having big brothers and they are super great to him and with him. Benjamin and Andrew always ask to hold him! Elise thinks she is the best momma and that I'm disposable. She didn't come out and say that, but her actions speak louder than words. {I'm laughing so much right now, but I'm also being completely honest!} She loves to care for Caleb and, truly, she does it well.

Here are some pictures to mark year ONE! We love this boy and are so very grateful that he is ours. The Lord was kinder than we deserve to give us this gift!!!

Side view of that restructured noggin!