Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How old are you? 6
How tall are you? 100
How much do you weigh? 40
What is your favorite toy? Power Ranger toys
Favorite book? The Book with No Pictures
Favorite movie? The Lego Batman
Favorite TV show? Power Rangers
Favorite food? Ska-betty aka spaghetti
Favorite fruit? strawberries
Favorite vegetable? none of them 
Favorite snack? chocolate bars/chewy bars
Favorite drink? powerades
Favorite activity? doing nothing
Favorite color? very, very, very, very dark red
Favorite sport? Soccer?
Favorite song? The Blood of Jesus
Favorite animal? sabertooth tiger
Favorite game? lego star wars on Wii
Favorite outfit? soccer outfit
Favorite holiday? Christmas
What do you need in bed when it's time to go to sleep? jammies, blankie and toys
Best Friend? Mayer. Rex. 
When I grow up I want to be? air force with Rex.
Nicknames? Ju-ju is what Elise starting calling him and it has stuck.  We mainly call him Andrew or Boo.
Thing I am really good at? tug-o-war.

By Andrew Reid McBride, age 6

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Benjamin plays Baseball!

Benjamin is playing baseball this Spring! He's on an 8 year old, coach pitch team. He enjoys the game and is pretty good for never playing! He has got a hit at every game but one. I must add that he looks incredible handsome and adorable in his uniform!!! He chose the number "38" because that is how old Patrick is :) Hopefully he won't feel the  need to change his number each year to keep up with the aging process. 

This is the first sport that Benjamin has asked to play and he does a great job of making practices and games. This week we had a game Monday night and Tuesday night, which made it a little exhausting for everyone. The little kids love being at the ball field and playing with friends/playing in dirt/running around. 



Run to first base. 

Benjamin with his friend and our neighbor Ben!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A lot of pictures to catch up.

These days get away from me so quickly. They are good days and long days and hard days and faster than fast days. 

As of right this minute, Benjamin is 8 and growing so much. Not just in size, but he is literally growing up and it's so bittersweet! He is such a good helper. He started playing baseball. He's in second grade and ready for summer! He loves science and reading things about science. He wants to work for NASA when he grows up. Benjamin wanted to make some money to save up for something, so he started cleaning out storm shelters for $10 on the weekends! He made $45 and was able to buy his long awaited technology device!

Andrew is 5, going on 15. But he will really be 6 in just a few weeks! It's been harder for me to watch Andrew get older than B.  I suppose you anticipate your older to always be older.  But Andrew growing is just a humble reminder that they don't stay babies. Andrew loves to play and play hard. He likes ninjas and legos and dressing up in whatever he thinks looks cool that day. He is in preK, but thinks he is in high school. ;) He usually styles his hair just so. 

Elise is 3 and we will survive it, I just know it! Somedays she seems so little and other days she must be closer to 23 that we realize. She loves helping and taking care of/bossing Caleb around. Although, she is also terrified of Caleb because he hits and bites her. Elise has a mind of her own and knows her opinions well. She loves babies and clothes and her blankie. She is a great sleeper and still sucks her thumb. She is a lover and so very compassionate and sweet. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite animal is an elephant and her favorite movie is Sing. Also, she misses nothing ever. 

Caleb is 20 months and quite a character.  He loves hard and plays hard and throws tantrums hard. He loves to be held and trying to keep up with the big kids. He sleeps pretty good and eats pretty poorly.  If he has no snacks whatsoever, he will eat great -- but he's always hungry and gets snacks. Caleb is the reason our pantry door is rigged closed :) Caleb is funny and has great rhythm. He loves monkeys and his blankie and his paci. Caleb gets so angry and also gives the sweetest hugs and kisses. 

Below is a random assortment of pictures from the last 3-4 months! :) 

I went to Chicago with KM and it rained. 

BUT we saw Hamilton, so best weekend no matter what. 

Caleb is destructive. 

Elise and Caleb love bathrooms. Bleh and ugh.

Elise loves to paint my nails and loves when I do hers!

Tea time with my girl.

They have a super sweet and super stressful relationship. I'm really glad they have each other!

See note about pantry above in Caleb's section. 

Making the most of daily chaos.

I literally think Elise is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. 

Benjamin enjoys helping in the kitchen and creating. 

Taking the baby thing to a new level.

First job, first pay!

Learning that saying "I'm bored" over and over will lead you to work. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

A snow day! January 2017

Snow days are not common around here these days, it seems. But when we get snow -- you better believe we find what we can, layer up and get outside! You can see in the pictures that Benjamin chose to leave the house unprepared and didn't wear socks while playing in the snow... while wearing his sneakers. Boys. 

This was Caleb's first time to actually play in the snow.  He loved the idea of snow and didn't mind being in it, but the second he touched it he was done. Haha! Elise was only a fan after she let me put the right clothes on her to play. We obviously don't spend the money to buy our children appropriate snow clothing! Maybe some day....

Neighbors/friends. These boys found a pond and then I kindly gave them cookies and hot chocolate and lectured them about never, ever going near or on a pond when it's cold in Oklahoma. 

Smart girls ate snacks inside and watched the boys from the warmth of the kitchen!

Best Friends Forever.

Getting ready to walk back home after spending some time at the Moss home! We all took turns having the kids in our houses so they wouldn't go crazy!