My people

My man: Incredibly handsome.  My perfect opposite.  My knight in shining armor.  Love of my life. Jesus loving geologist.  Leader of our family.  Basically, folks, he's my hero...

Big boy: Tender hearted and wise beyond his years.  Adventurous, fearless and always curious.  A talker, a boundary pusher, independent and always ready to play outside.  This precious miracle made me a momma and teaches me so much everyday.

Little brother: Always ready for an adventure.  He laughs in the face of danger and I'm certain he really just might be a superhero when he grows up.  A good sleeper and eater. Sensitive and loves deeply.  He is curious and super active. This sweet boy makes me smile every day!

Baby sister: Firecracker and sweetness combined. Knows how to hold her old and can be rather feisty.  She smiles often and loves to be held.  Crackers and apples are her favorite, but not before her brothers.  This little girl is such a beautiful gift to our little family.

Littlest Brother: Small, but mighty.  He is content and quiet.  He gets hangry faster than anyone I know.  This guy is loved deeply and never lacks affection.  He was born with craniosynostosis and I share our journey with that here. 

Our little family: A family of six is a beautiful thing and we love it! We are better together....