Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Indiana, PA

Today was my "exploration" day in Indiana. I decided to go out and find out what this city has to offer! I probably could have picked a better day, since it was snowing and very cold, but since Piper is with Grammy I jumped on the opportunity.

(First! Yesterday I went to a health food store here. I went with very little hope and pretty low expectations. However, I walked in and was pleasantly surprised. They had a great selection and even carried some of the things I love from Whole Foods/Central Market. I was excited and left a very happy girl. (then, I got somewhat lost. I found my way back though quite easily.))

I drove to the "Visitors Center" and got a lot of information about Indiana the city and Indiana county. I met a man who taught math at IUP for 31 years. Now, he is involved with preserving and teaching the history of Indiana county. He was very knowledgeable and gave me some wonderful information. Did you know that George Clymer, whom the city of Clymer in Indiana county is named after, signed both the Declaration of Independence AND the Consitition? I love history.

Then, I drove to the 9th Street Deli, by random choice then recommendation. I got out of my car pretty confident and then opened the doors to the deli and lost any confidence that I thought I had. It's so hard being the new girl in an old city. Everyone knows each other and things are comfortable for them. So I humbly and openly confess, "I'm new here. What do you recommend? Oh, ok. Everything. Well, what if you just had one choice?" Luckily people catch on pretty quickly here and there were three people telling me what to try. I went with the italian hoagie with italian dressing. The regular size is 2 I just got half and made myself eat all of it. I liked it. I will go back.

After stuffing a foot long sandwich into my stomach, I walked over to the library. I really love libraries, but sometimes librarians are not so kind. I asked for a card and then asked several questions. I got answers, but not happily. So, I went downstairs and asked if they needed volunteers for story time. I have always wanted to volunteer at a library and read to small, cute children. I like to think that I'm pretty much like Kathleen Kelley, from You've Got Mail. So, she said I could and that I should come in on Wednesday and see if I like the toddler age group. If not, I can come to another story time with kids a bit older. I'm excited. Just call me Kathleen and you can call Patrick Joe Fox. F-o-x.

Ah, finally my new-place adventure ended with "The Commonplace Coffeehouse". It is a local coffeehouse that's been around since 2003. They apparently serve great coffee and people love it. I thought it was cute. It reminded me of the coffee house I went to very regularly in Knoxville. I think that's why I enjoyed my time there. I got a chai latte and talked with the lady behind the counter. She was nice and the coffeehouse was full, but quite. I liked that. My friend Katie has a friend that works there. So, I have a connection at this coffeehouse. She was not working though. Maybe next time. I think I will go back to this place too.

Indiana is slowly turning out to be a lot more than I expected. How sweet of the Lord to give me these surprises, just when I need them. I pray that Indiana, PA will feel like home to me soon. All of this moving makes me more and more aware that this world will never be my HOME. And you know what? I'm really grateful for that.


Baby Hancock said...


I love reading your blog. It is my favorite thing to do in the morning before my shower!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! What a fun day. I'm glad you're doing some research for my visit!! :-)
Erin C.

Mom said...

I think that volunteering at the library is a wonderful idea!