Monday, February 12, 2007

Birthday Boy...

Yesterday was Patrick's 28th Birthday! Wow. I was joking with him and told him that he can no longer round down to 25, but has to round up to 30! He took the joking well. My husband is so wonderful.

For his birthday, we had a small get together on Saturday night. The family came over and so did some new friends (yeah!!!) of ours, Scott and Liz (with little Noah, too). It was a great time of fellowship and conversation, as well as celebrating Patrick. This picture is the only one we have with "all" of us: My mom, John, Bethany, Gramma, Carol, Frank and Kent (and Patrick and I). Aren't we a cute family?
As if partying on Saturday wasn't enough, Patrick and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate on his actual birthday (and to celebrate Valentine's Day...but more for the birthday). We drove to Pittsburgh and ate at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. OH, we love Ruth's Chris. We've been to a few others, but this one was by far the nicest. We both enjoyed steaks and even got cherry cobbler for dessert. Across from Ruth's Chris is an ice skating rink. We weren't dressed for ice skating, but decided that it would be fun to come downtown Pittsburgh (I really love downtown Pittsburgh) again soon and ice skate and eat at Ruth's Chris for lunch!

It was so nice being together and celebrating another year of Patrick's life! I'm so blessed to be apart of his life and couldn't be more grateful for the gift that Patrick is to me! The Lord has certainly blessed me with my husband. It's been incredible watching Patrick grow over the last three years. Even the last year has been a pleasure! I can't wait to see all the blessing and goodness that the Lord has stored up for Patrick in the years to come! I can only be so blessed to have a front row seat!

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A wonderful time was had by all.