Monday, March 26, 2007

Bath time

Last night, Patrick and I gave Piper a bath. He was in desperate need of one since he was on the farm all weekend. Somehow Piper can see a mud puddle from miles away and it's like a magnet. He always goes for the mud.

With Carol and Frank's dogs up on the farm too, Piper get even more muddy as they jump and play around. Not to mention, they stink. It's gross and I don't like the smell of muddy, dirty dog. So, we decided that last night would be a good time to make Piper clean.

Piper loves water. He loves lakes and ponds and even an empty bathtub. If I'm upstairs, he'll come and sit in the bathtub until I go downstairs. He likes it even more when I turn on the water and he can sit in the tub AND drink water. Could his life get any better? However, Piper does not like to be wet in the bathtub. He hates the shower and isn't fond of us holding him down to bathe him. How could he not like it? We're scratching him and petting him the whole time!

It was quite an event. Patrick standing over Piper in the tub, I'm on the floor scrubbing him and helping Patrick. Why didn't we take pictures? We were both soaked before we got half of Piper wet and it was quite traumatic (or Piper made it seem) that we were pouring water on him. There was dog hair EVERYWHERE. I was pulling it out of the tub by the handfuls. We then remembered that now is the time for Piper to shed his winter coat. I would like a non-shedding dog, please.

Finally we finished and let Piper shake around in the bathroom for a bit, until we let him free to run through the house. I must say, he is so shiny and soft. Sometimes I think, why don't we give Piper a bath more often...then I remember times like last night.
(PS- this is a fairly recent picture of Piper. Isn't he cute?)


mama cindy said...

I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing!!! I can see Patrick standing in the funny.

Jen said...

I used to do the bathtub battle, too. then last summer learned a much easier way.

I now take nova in the front yard, which she loves, take her out to the creek to get as nasty as possible (which she also loves), then when we get home I tie her leash to the hitch on the truck, grab the water hose and get at her. she's sooooooo much better at baths now. luckily though shes not a stinky dog for the most part...but the summer sweaty dog will be here soon, and my tune may change on that.