Friday, March 16, 2007

A pillow for my puppy

I have been wanting to make Piper a pillow cover for a pillow I bought to put in his crate. So today, while Patrick was watching "Band of Brothers, disc 2", I happily made my way to my sewing machine! I figured that now was a great time to do my girly thing, so Patrick could get some man time in. War movies just don't excite me...but sewing does!

I bought this crazy striped fleece fabric several weeks ago (I figured Piper wouldn't mind that the sale section didn't have much of a variety!). I finally remembered to take it to the laundry mat with me yesterday. I over measured a bit, but that's ok. At least the pillow fits into the cover I made! I sewed the sides together and left the top open. Eventually, it will have buttons to hold it closed. Since I couldn't find my jar of buttons, safety pins are doing the job. The pillow is a bit small for Piper outside of his crate, but it fits perfectly inside his crate. He is getting so big and will probably outgrow his crate soon. He does look a little cramped in it! Especially with the pillow in there with him :)
When I finished it and introduced Piper to his new bedding, he attacked it and chewed it until I swatted him away. I got a few pictures of my new creation and Piper's first meeting with his pillow.
Over all, I would say it was a hit. If it doesn't work as a comfy pillow for my will be a great chew toy (because that's what he thinks it is).


Jen said...

Nova promptly ate the pillow I made her too. Kyla tore hers to shreds, and pooped on it. so i'd say Pipers doing alright.

generally nova is good about taking care of her things, unless I put them out back with her. then she just gets bored or is mad at me for leaving her outside and tears stuff up.

how was laundry day?

mama cindy said...

Nice job! I need a pillow cover for my couch, now I know who to go to!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, he is getting big!! good work on the pillow!
Erin C.