Monday, April 2, 2007

Who needs sleep?

There's a BareNaked Ladies song that says, "Who needs sleep? Well you're never gonna get it. Who needs sleep? Tell me what's that for? Who needs sleep? Be happy with what your getting, there's a guy whose been awake since the Second World War. ..." I like to sing it when I can't sleep. It makes me feel a little better.

Patrick just left for the rig. His job requirements recently (grrrrrr...) changed, so now he must be on a rig at least once a week. This has proved quite discouraging. I'm trying to learn to fall asleep by myself, but I'm not doing too well. (which is why I'm blogging) I really do love snuggling up to my husband. I love knowing he's there. And I certainly don't like when I go to bed and he's not there.

We're praying for soft hearts and for eye's to see God's perspective in this situation. It's so hard to make plans (or fall asleep!) when we really don't know what day, or night, Patrick will have to go to the rig. What makes it even harder is that Patrick is getting so discouraged. How can I help him? How can I make this better? I know I can't. I do pray fervently for him and this situation. I pray for the people who made this decision. I pray for our marriage, his relationship with his co-workers, and for things to go back to normal. :)

But I don't want to selfishly take away from God's mysterious work. Surely, there is a reason why this change has taken place and I do not want my desires and wants to take over so that I forget that we are serving the Lord, not ourselves. So, could you pray that the Lord is Sovereign in all of this and that our attitudes reflect Him and not our self centered, proud and impatient selves?

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