Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Travelin Band

Patrick is really the band in this title. I'm not musically inclined in anyway. I like to think I can sing, but we all know that's not true. For the next three weeks, Patrick and I will be busy little people. Here is what our schedule will look like:

May 20 -23 = Patrick in Houston, training
May 21 - 25 = Ashley in Chicago, visit Cayla
May 26 = Kennywood with Dominion
May 31- June 4= Cape cod trip...ahhhhhhhh.
June 6- 10 = Phoenix, AZ. Kate's graduation

Whew! Luckily, after we get back from AZ we won't be too busy for a while. I love the excitement of packing for trips. I love the thought of seeing new places and making tons of memories. I really do love traveling! I'll have a lot of blogs coming about all of our trips...

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