Saturday, July 21, 2007

Market Baskets

A local farmers market, Reeger's, does a summer program where you can sign up for six weeks of fresh fruits and veggies during the summer. They put it all in a cute basket and thus, they are called "Market Baskets".

They began advertising during the end of March, so I found out pretty early about these fantastic things! There are four sessions you can sign up for. I choose session number three because the examples of goodies that came in those baskets sounded more like things we would use up quickly.

So, I have been anxiously awaiting my turn. Last Saturday was my first basket (and moving day!). I was VERY excited to get it and bring it home. Last weeks basket included: carrots, baby cukes, snap peas, sweet corn on the cob, mushrooms, fennel and fresh linguine. Needless to say, I was a happy little girl and did my best to find fun ways to eat these veggies. Not to mention that every Saturday morning for the next six weeks is like Christmas in July (hee hee). Also, Reeger's makes incredible baked goods. I am hoping that one week I'll get muffins or cookies in my basket!

Today, I waited a little longer to go get my basket because I had to ride my bike. I figured it would be a sweet reward for finishing! When I got there, I got a little giddy and was happy to notice that they remembered me. The gal brought the basket out and as she sat it down exclaimed, "We have a beautiful basket this week!" Yes! You do!

This weeks basket included: Three cukes, two green peppers, two sweet peppers, carrots, two large mushrooms, six ears of corn on the cob, a quart of blueberries and a loaf of ciabatta bread! JOY!!! My mind was racing with things to cook for dinner!

While market baskets are a temporary thing and only come during the summer, my heart is still overjoyed by them and I find myself longing for Saturday mornings. I hope that someday my heart is overjoyed by the Creator of these things, too. Someday, I hope I long for my God like I long for fresh veggies. I want to wake up each morning, knowing that God is waiting for my like I wait for Saturdays. The best part, He's not temporary. He is eternal and anxious for me. He longs for me and always has. I do not deserve Him...or His little blessings, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that's a humbling thought.

Who would have thought you could learn so much from a six week stint of market baskets?

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