Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thoughts on growing...

I have to say that it's nice having mom friends. It's nice seeing whats ahead, what the road might hold. Even if it's only through a blog, or email, or quick phone call, it's nice to know that there is something that bonds us together. There is always something to learn from one another.

Having a little 5 month old baby makes me want to cry. Wasn't he born last week? When did he get teeth? Has he always been so opinionated? I know this is just the beginning of him growing up and going on too fast. I mean, some of my dear friends just sent their babies off to school for the first time this week!! I'm in shock and they aren't my children :)

I appreciate knowing that someone has been through what I'm going through. I love knowing that the Lord will someday use me to encourage a momma with a tiny babe. I find joy in knowing that I get to raise Benjamin and care for him and teach him so someday he can care for and teach others.

Not only does my sweet little boy grow more day by day, but so do I. I gain a little more confidence with being a momma. I trust my instincts a little more. I pray a little more specifically, for me and him! I find myself thinking of ways to cherish my time with Benjamin and not rush this stage away. What growth has happened in just a few short months. I'm so glad that we never stop learning. I'm so glad that there is someone I can always talk to about being a mom or going through a new season or being a woman. I can only hope that I'm able to be of use as a woman someday. That my wisdom will cause change. That I can encourage, share with, pray for, grow with or love unconditionally a woman - wherever she may be.


Courtney said...

God is already using you to pray for, encourage, and share your life with other women! (Like me :))

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are wise beyond your years :)