Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Talented baby!

After dinner tonight, Patrick put Benjamin in front of the piano to play. He had so much fun! He played and talked and smiled for at least five minutes. I'm pretty sure he gets any musical talent from Patrick, but I don't mind because my husband is one talented musician!


mama cindy said...

Oh.My.Goodness!!! He is precious and love his piano playing. The way he looks at you is so fun to watch, his whole face lights up.

Love you!!

Morgan said...

so cute! i like how he holds the know--for dramatic effect! bobby likes to bang on anything, maybe he'll be a drummer like rob!!

mama cindy said...

Ash, I must watch that video, at least, twice or three times aday. He is so happy. I love how he streches his little arms out. Too cute!!!