Saturday, December 19, 2009


It's been snowing since last night and, like much of the east coast, we have a decent amount of snow. While we didn't get all the accumulation that VA/DC got, we do have about 4 inches and it's still coming down!

I bundled Benjamin and myself in coats and hats and we went outside. This isn't the first snow he's seen, but it is the first "snow storm" he's been around for! I sat him down in a pile of snow and he was quite concerned and mostly displeased at this. We managed to get a few pictures. :)

He leaned back into the pile of snow. I'm guessing it's terribly difficult to sit with a bulky snowsuit on...
His hat is still a little big...but it does the trick!
Close up!
He was much happier if we were holding him...
Playing with daddy!

I doubt we'll venture out again to play in the snow. Next year will be more fun with him when it comes to snow...or so I think. Until then, bring on the snow! I love snow days!!!

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mama cindy said...

Love the pictures!

he's thinking....they put this huge thing on me and then sit me in this white stuff and expect me to smile.....NO!! :)