Monday, January 11, 2010

Almost 10 months!

Oh my. I can't believe my little babe will be 10 months old this week. How did that happen? It's amazing how time does go by so quickly when you simply want it to crawl by. My sweet boy will be one year old in two months. Holy toddler!

Benjamin is as active as they come. His little legs go faster than a wind-up toy. It's really quite a sight! I get a workout just trying to keep him alive! He's into everything and wants nothing more than to play with Piper, eat Piper's food and hunt down the dog's toys. Piper is not as interested, to say the least. One thing Piper and Benjamin have in common is their growing interest and affection for...the trash can. It's gross. Truly.

Our little man recently learned how to climb stairs which is fun if we're there, but he'll make a beeline to the stairs any chance he gets. He will pull himself up on anything and gets pretty frustrated when whatever it is that he's found won't support him. He is completely bored with the living room, which is sad. It's so comfortable in there. He loves to "read" books, play peek-a-boo, eat baby cheese curls, give "high fives" and just recently, doing the "touchdown" sign. I think that he loves the "touchdown" sign because daddy yells, "TOUCHDOWN!" every time he throws his hands in the air :)

Benjamin's personality shines through a little more each day. Aside from being unable to verbally communicate, he gets his point across well. He is at a very whiny, clingy stage, but I know it will pass - as did/does everything else. He's very content in most circumstances and is, indeed, a social butterfly. Even though he likes people and will flirt with anyone, he does love his momma and loves when I hold him. He has 8 teeth and the hurt. He likes to come in for a hug and then bite my neck. Little bugger.

Ah, I do enjoy these days of activity. I love how Benjamin learns something new every day. Seriously. Everyday. What a blessing to be this child's momma. How sweet the Lord is for knowing just what I needed in a baby. I'm humbled, tested, and tried every day. But I find joy, laughter and baby smiles in the very same place.

I certainly cannot leave you without pictures of this not-so-little-to me man. The pictures are from last week. Since we were snowed in, we had a photo shoot :)

Playing and smiling. He's recently started smiling for the camera. He's too funny.
Getting ready to come at me...
Just being cute...
Climbing the stairs...
He is not allowed to play on the top shelf because that's where our DVD's are (for now). Yet, he always goes right for the Band of Brothers box. Figures. :)
Clearly unimpressed with me trying to take his picture. Just for the record I was the cooperative one! :)
Now that's a cute face!
What was that you said? I couldn't understand with all the drool in your mouth.
Oh boy...
Pulling the curtain and playing on the table. A good multi-tasker, for now.


Jeannie said...

I'm SO glad you are enjoying and embracing each stage as it comes! I wasted too much time waiting for my babies to grow now I try to enjoy the "sort-of" babies I do have!

Love you and cheering you on, you Rock Star Mama!

Baby Hancock said...

so fast...they grow so fast!

Patrick said...

Why does Benjamin have to be a social "Butterfly?" Why can't he be a social Grizzly bear? Or to stick with the flying theme, a social Hawk?

mama cindy said...

Precious! So much like his mama. Poor Patrick! A social grizzly about a chick magnet??