Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our first non-moving weekend in Edmond has come and gone. Sheesh, how did that happen?! Since our weeks are a little longer the weekends seem oh so precious. Now, it's over.

On Friday evening, we headed over to Matt and Season's to crash their home group cookout :) It was fun meeting new people and getting to know them. Benjamin had fun running around and playing with new friends. Also, we found out that he does not like baked beans. Good to know.

Saturday was the opening day of the Edmond Farmers Market. It was wonderful! We got some lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus and a few basil plants. PLUS, there was a local bakery selling things. Patrick and I shared a sticky bun, of course! After we got back I made a huge salad (for another BBQ) and left to go for a quick run. It was in my plans to run 8 miles, but the heavy and cold rain convinced me to do otherwise. After a 3.2 mile run, I called it quits and am hopeful that I will at least cross the half marathon finish line alive. We'll see.

The rest of our afternoon was beautiful chaos! We headed over to Troy and Amy's for some serious hang out time. The Dolezal's came over from Tulsa (thanks!) just to hang out with all of us! The kiddos all had fun together. Mainly, Henry being ultra cool; Luke following Henry around; Benjamin hitting anything/anyone he could; Rosie being cute and crawling to very important objects.

We consumed way too much guacamole (wait, is this possible!?) and magic bars before dinner. This lead to much needed girl time. Amy, Erin and I hopped in the car and rushed over to the house for a grand tour (plus a few minor distractions) and lots of uninterrupted conversation!

We stopped by a store on the way home that was having an "open house". We get raffle tickets for the door prize drawing and I WIN! Hello, and welcome to Oklahoma! It was pretty much a bunch of things I think they were trying to get rid of, but pretty awesome nonetheless. We had fun walking around the store and looking at random objects and commenting on each others styles. Hello Kitty. Big jewelry. Tu-tu's. Framed objects. Butterfly lamps. It was truly a memory making event.

(Can you see the huge cooper purse?! Also, the sign says "Please God, if you won't make me thin can you make my friends fat?" Um, I won't be using this if anyone wants it.)

We headed back to the Johnson's to consume an insane amount of ribs that Troy had been preparing all day. We were so full after dinner and only one thing could make it better: Wow. really? We looked at this for about 20 minutes while our children ran wild in the living room. Then we all parted ways.

(Please. Look at the faces we are making. This website was making us all gasp (and laugh) and poor Darin threw up in his mouth at least three times, but you can't see him.)

Today was pretty low key. We went to a church that we enjoyed and liked it a lot better than the one we tried last weekend. I got to go to the grocery store all by myself. AND We put out all of our left over boxes for the garbage men to take, never to be seen by me again!!! Farewell, sea of brown! You will not be missed.

And so, there is a friendly weekend re-cap. Brought to you by me and with a special shout out to Erin, who is now f.a.m.o.u.s!

Oh a little lady picture for your viewing pleasure! Amy, Ashley and Erin.
Annnnnd our little boys (Rosie did not make it into the picture, thus making it a boy picture) B, Henry and Luke. Can you tell who is the oldest and coolest? Yes, he's the one looking at the camera :) Also, please note B's new kicks curiosity of The Dolezal's. Thanks for your hand-me-downs! We love them!


Anonymous said...

I feel so cool!


Jeannie said...

uh, that walmart website is HILARIOUS. I think I've seen everyone of those at one point or another.

so glad you had a great weekend. Look at you with all your gang already!! now that's what I call a good move.

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

I don't want the sign, but can I have the purse? :)