Monday, April 26, 2010

Packing the bag...

Our France trip is right around the corner. I mean, we leave Thursday afternoon. How much more "around the corner" could a gal get!? I've been planning a packing list in my head for about two weeks now and today I started packing the bag.

Yes, you read that right. We're only taking one bag. Well, we're only checking one bag. I still have to take a diaper bag on the plane! What would I do with a 13 month old for 10 hours otherwise?!

Packing for two adults and one toddler has been tricky. I can't only to think about what P and I need. This time I have to think about what snacks I can take for the babe and what I can buy in France. Will he need a lot of blankets? Should I take extra wipes? Will he survive on French food (if he doesn't, he's not my child...)?

Alas, the list is finished and I need a larger diaper bag :) Here is how we are packing for 12 days in France: Patrick and I are only taking enough clothes for 5 to 6 days. We'll do a load of laundry once and that should be plenty! The babe gets a few more things a) because they are much smaller and b)chances are he'll need them. We are wearing our "heaviest" clothes on the plane (jeans/sneakers. This is traveling rule numero uno anyways) and I'm only bringing one other pair of shoes (my chaocs). Our toiletries are all stuffed into a freezer bag and if we forget something, we can buy it there. Sure there may not be a local Target, but we're not leaving civilization here! We're going to France!

We learned last time we went to Europe that there is no need for so much clothing (hee hee)! We ended up wearing things over and over anyways. This time, since it's summer, things may be a little different (um, sweaty shirts two days in a row? no thanks!). Also, this is mainly my realization: I'm in France. Traveling with family. Having an awesome time. Why should I worry about what I'm wearing or if anyone will notice that I have on the same shorts and shirt I did two days ago?! Truly, it's not about how I look, but who I'm with. Memories, people!!! :)

With that said, we had to pack light because we're taking the kelty and whoever is wearing that certainly cannot carry a bag, too. The good news is that the ketly has a small backpack and a storage area in the bottom. We'll definitely take advanage of that! So, our bags are almost completely packed and we're ready to go.

Honestly, I'd be happy with my camera, my chacos, a cute skirt, my bathing suit and mascara (but I'll take what I can ::grin:: ). Come on , Thursday!


mama cindy said...

You are so ready!!!

Al said...

I'm so jealous! :) Yay Kelty!!!