Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paris overview...

I've decided the best way to go over the France Adventure 2010 is with basic overviews of each city. I'll go into detail if need be. For example, there may be a post at some point called "Things Benjamin slept through while we were in France". He missed some pretty great things and we have the pictures to prove it.

Anyways, here is an overview of Paris. The pictures are not in order, but that's okay :) Paris was just as beautiful and romantic as I remember, but it wasn't as fantastic as the first time. I mean, it was. But it wasn't. The fantastic things were walking around the Jewish quarter, eating our weight in gelato and crepes, riding bikes in the Bois de Vinnecennes, making dinner, dinner at Mimi's (Kate's host mom) and playing in the Tuleries with the eiffel tower in view.

Either way, it was a good start to our trip and, looking back, I'm so glad we started here. It was good to get the largest city of our trip out of the way! :) So here are some pictures...

Patrick and I, near the school where Kate had some classes.

B laughing at Aunt Kate (while we were on the Champs e Elysees)
The eiffle tower, at night. We went to the top again, but this time it was late and we got to the top at 11:30pm. Gorgeous.
Kate and I, with the eiffle tower.
Jumping...of course.
A small stop for a cute picture while riding bikes.
Family shot.
Hanging out with the statue. She was naked, per usual in France. Also, the French love PDA and are really secure with sexuality. This must be why couples really enjoy making out anywhere.
I like to ride my bike, I like to ride my bike.

Me and a lake.
There are so many more pictures, but these are my favorites. You may see more of Paris later, but I'm excited to get to my favorite places of our trip.


Amanda said...

looks like you had a pretty great trip!!!! what a sweet, sweet blessing from the Lord!

mama cindy said...

Love the picture of you all jumpting!! Benjamin looks like he enjoyed his Aunt Kate. Love his smile. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear about the trip.