Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When we moved to Edmond, I knew there was a Mother's Day out program a few churches near-by. I was/am very interested in it and it sounds like a really good opportunity for me to get things done without B and for him to be around other children and adults. I called and got information the other day.

It costs a little more than I thought, but it's not at all unreasonable and completely doable. Also, I was able to get the last spot on Wednesday (the day I wanted)! What a blessing to not even be on the wait list! It sounds like a great program, from what I heard. Plus, they would be teaching (for the most part) things we believe. I did find out that there is a MDO program at the church we are considering attending. Should I try there? Should I just go to this MDO at a church we never plan on attending?

I have my concerns, as well. B will not be 18 months until September 14th. The cut off day is September 1st, so he would be in the 12 - 18 month class. Will that hinder him from learning and growing if he's with kids younger than him? Will I be able to handle letting my baby be away from me for 5 hours a day when I'm perfectly capable of caring for him and doing things with him?

I know, I know. It's one day a week for five hours. Maybe I'm over thinking it and letting myself feel guilty for even considering it (well, more than considering because they are mailing us the forms to fill out...). Maybe what I'm looking for is encouragement. Has anyone done this recently? What do you think? How were your experiences? Are these crazy thoughts normal?

Help me process this, please. :)


Morgan said...

I think the crazy thoughts are perfectly normal. I have a woman come and watch Bobby 2 days a week (every other week). I really struggled with this decision. But I'm glad I did it, I can get a lot done on those days, and I get some 'me' time. Plus, she speaks only Bobby is hopefully learning too! I was really worried about that aspect as well, but I can tell Bobby really likes her. If we had a MDO here in Laredo, I don't think I would hesitate to put B in it. Hope that helps!!

mom of 3, hater of cheese and birds said...

DID MDO WITH ALL 3 OF MINE - DO IT! It helped mine not be sooo bored with their same-ol surroundings and toys at home. Don't worry - being a mom and having worked mdo THIS past yr I can say the ladies there really care and have a better read on what classes work for which kids. They will tell you if he needs to move up. fyi... if he cries the first few times this is NORMAL and not a reason to pull out. the kids in my class last yr. were his age, they all cried at dropoff and all were fine within minutes. Our mdo was one I LOVED and not associated with a church we attended. it helped me branch at and get to know people at both places. It is also perfectly ok to switch mid-yr if you find a carpool buddy at another mdo. Remember you are not signing him up for college - be ready to be flexible. :) you are a great mom!

Baby Hancock said...

Well, I've never heard of MDO, but I think it sounds fantastic! I, too, can understand the feelings of guilt though. I even struggled with that when we made the decision to try him in preschool this fall: 3 hrs a day on Tues and Thurs. But he's three! He will absolutely love it! It's an opportunity for him, and I have to remember that. (Plus, I'll have a newborn, so it will be a little help for me.) I think that when I am dragging him around on errands or letting him play solo so I can get things done, I am feeling guilty then, too. So why not let him go to these MDO sessions and LEARN and PLAY and you'll be alot more productive! Get behind me Satan, this guilt is not from God! I am a good mom!

Jeannie said...

This sounds DIVINE -- and he'd probably love all the social stimulation, if he's anything like his mama ;)

Go for it, baby!