Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lessons I've learned this week...

Ah, you know it's been a good week when the lessons you've learned have overflowed constantly into each day. Here's a little of what I'll try to remember for future weeks...

* My boy's precious and fragile spirit are much more important than a broken Pampered Chef prep bowl.

* Accidents happen. If I yell each time there is an accident, a little someone will grow up thinking mistakes are not acceptable. And that's not okay.

* Having a 20 month old who loves to pray makes me pray soooo much more. And it makes me smile so big!

* I let my life become so easily defined by "having faith" in God, or "trusting God" that I forget what it's all about. The gospel. Him. Not me. Not what I can get.

* I don't want to live my life thinking the gospel ends with the resurrection. The "gospel" is forever! But I so often think that it's done when Jesus rose from the dead. There's more! He's coming back! I have freedom from sin and eternity with the Lord because of the resurrection, but I don't daily live my life like Jesus is coming back. The message of the cross is salvation for those who repent and believe! But it's not just a free ticket to heaven - it's a redeemed life by a Savior who has taken my scars and wounds and sin away forever. It's living everyday like I'll see my Maker, my Judge, the Love of my life at any second. I'm so convicted by this lesson.

* Feeling better does not, necessarily, mean that something is wrong Beta. It's a constant struggle, my friends, to trust God every second with this tiny little fetus!

* Taking a hot bath does not always mean you'll feel better. Sure you're cold, but then you'll get too hot sitting in hot water. And then you'll feel nauseous.

* Some days, no matter how late or cold or tired you are, jumping and dancing in puddles is the most perfect thing to do. Plus, the joy in Benjamin's face is just too precious to pass up.

* I'm not sure I can remember what I did during nap time besides nap. Surely I use to be productive.

* Ted's Mexican restaurant is my new favorite place. The salsa and cheese sauce and warm tortillas and chips, that could be what dreams are made of.

Some lessons are life changing, some are just reflective, others are simply just good to know :)

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