Friday, December 10, 2010

Crib jumping...

I knew this day would come. I just didn't think it would come so soon. My adventurous, squirrelly little boy has taken to jumping out of his crib. The first time was on Tuesday, after napping. He woke up and I was in the shower and he apparently had no patience. So into the bathroom comes a crying B. I've never been so startled or stunned or freaked out. Maybe I have, I just don't remember.

He did good Wednesday and Thursday, but today has proven quite difficult. He jumped out of bed this morning. I know because I heard the "THUD!" and heard him jabbering as I watched him slide down the stairs. Looking back, I think I would have stayed in bed to see if he came to get me or if he decided to get into something. Ah well.

Now it's nap time. I laid him down and then left the room and then he came downstairs. "All done" he said. No, no you're not. I took him back to the crib, but decided to stay and watch the process. Just a little note: my child is flippin smart and very perseverant. His process of getting out was, I'd say, pretty genius. There were four unsuccessful attempts that caused a sudden back flip into his crib. Then the great escape. It took all I had to muffle my laughter watching him.

He came to the door and opened it. I put him back into his crib and ran to get a gate, put that up and then said, "go. to. sleep." That, too, was unsuccessful. Finally, I took everything out of the crib and laid a blanket and his pillow on the floor. I gave him his necessary sleep items and hoped for the best. This was followed by him throwing everything over the gate and crying. *Big sigh*

I put everything back and just left. I could hear him in the monitor, playing with this or that, crying a little, running around. Now, though, it's silent. Part of me wants to sneak up and see his final resting place - but I'm so scared that he'll wake up. And friends, this momma is tired, emotionally exhausted and needs a break! Sleep, baby sleep!

We've decided to turn the crib into a toddler bed tonight. Hopefully it will be fun and exciting and he'll love it. Although, the pessimist side of me knows it will be a long weekend. Patrick doesn't want to get a toddler bed because the reality is that he won't be in that too long before he needs a twin bed. And we can't keep him in his toddler bed (converted crib) for too long because Beta will be here before we know it.

So here I sit. For some reason I'm totally overwhelmed by this. Maybe it's because it's been a long three months. Maybe because I'm lonely, it's been a tough week. Maybe because I'm emotional and pregnant. Maybe because I haven't been sleeping as I anticipate the arrival of a certain toddler by my bed. The good news, though, is that this is just a phase. It was bound to happen and it will pass as quickly as it came. But for now, I think I'll finish my lunch (which is a salad, a cupcake and coke zero. terrible) and then just take a nap and wait for it to be over :)


Nathan & Sarah said...

oh my! we are dealing with this right now ourselves. we turned Ava's crib into a toddler bed on Tuesday, and it hasn't been horrible until today. I had to make her get back in bed 5 times, then it got really quiet, thinking she was asleep I started working on our Christmas cards. Then I heard her trying to open the door. I go in, and she has diaper paste everywhere (I mean everywhere!) & her lambie is covered in antibacterial gel. All of which she managed to get out of her top dresser drawer. Not a good day here either. But I hope your day gets better and that Benjamin takes to his new bed quickly.

mama cindy said...

I so wish I could be there to help you when you are tired. Keep you chin and the gate up!!! :)

Love you!!!

Courtney said...

A few thoughts...

1. Sooooo thankful for Austin and his amazing love of going to bed. He is unnaturally easy to parent in that aspect.
2. Don't know what your planned sleep arrangements are for Beta, but Esther is nearly six months old and she has only slept in her crib a handful of times. We'd be managing just fine if Austin still needed it, so B may be able to keep his bed for awhile. Especially with the layout of your house.
3. Praying for you in all of this!