Thursday, December 23, 2010

Preparing for Christmas - cookies!

I love to bake. Do you know that? I had incredible plans of making tons of cookies this year, but then I remembered that I had to bake them all. Since I'm exhausted and still a little nauseous, I opted for a smaller amount of cookies. AND I waited until yesterday to start. No need to have stale, moldy or frozen cookies!

Benjamin "helped" me bake after his nap. He loved playing with (and eating) the flour. When I was little, my gramma would give me some flour to play with because I loved the way it felt and how it moved. And I was probably much better at her kitchen table than under her feet :) I had to watch B, though. When I wasn't looking a few times he snuck big spoonfuls of flour into the batter!

We made shortbread cookies, dipped in chocolate and gingersnaps. I'm going to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today - I hope. Shortbread cookies are one of my favorites. Simple, buttery goodness. I used a recipe from Ina Garten, because I love her and I saw the show where she made these. After comparing my old recipe with hers, I just had to try her way! An added bonus of shortbread is that there are not eggs involved which means this pregnant girl and eat as much batter as I would like (except, too much makes one sick...just FYI).

The gingersnaps are my old stand by, but I made them a little bigger this year. That's okay with me though! Either way, we had a lot of fun and Benjamin enjoyed making and tasting the cookies!

What are your staple Christmas cookies?!

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