Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annnnd 22 weeks...

Well I've made it to 22 weeks! Woohoo! Just 18 weeks to go :) Not too much has changed except that Beta loves to move and I'm pretty sure that he is moving more now that B was at this point in development. He flips and kicks like crazy. I love feeling it.

I'm still pretty amazed that I'm pregnant. Knowing that the fertility treatments could not have worked still rings so vividly in my mind. I'm humbled that we get to have two children!

I'm finding that I don't talk about being pregnant as much this time around. I have a few friends that are going through the fertility treatment process and, although this shouldn't be the case, I find myself guarded when it comes to talking about Beta. But I also want so badly to just gush and talk and be excited that I am pregnant! Me! A woman who's body doesn't work! I get babies!

But still, I'm guarded. Some people are not where I am. This trial, of infertility, is part of what makes me who I am! It was a long, long four and a half years of trying. So, I've been there. Through the hurt and the tears and the tests and the hundreds of different medicines and the negatives and the years and years of waiting. But now, here I am. On the other side...pregnant.

I've come to a place where I'm content knowing that we will conceive using Clomid (but I believe in miracles!!!!). Or we will add to our family in other ways (as in adoption). I'm okay with this and I'm not bothered if you get pregnant easily or you have to do fertility treatments, too. It's not the process, my friends, it's the end result! And I've learned to consider it a blessing and a joy to go through this process. I mean, it's all for God's glory and I get to know Him more. That's worth a thousand years of trying to get pregnant to me.

Okay. Enough processing and randomness. Here are belly shots. Also, I'm not ashamed to tell you that I've gained 16 pounds. BUT I will also confidently tell you that I think that some of it has been regained muscle. Since I barely moved for 13 weeks I lost a lot of endurance and muscle. But in the last eight weeks, I've gotten a lot of that back. Even if you don't believe me, just humor me. It will make me feel a lot better :)

Belly shot with fireplace glare.
Hugs to my Beta...
Bare belly...with glare!
And a random shot to show you the awful "bling" on my new skinny maternity jeans from Old Navy. I love them. They don't go over my belly, but under it. So comfortable! But the bling, seriously?! I just pretend it's not there. And when I notice it, I just pretend I'm 16 and it's okay to wear blingy jeans...like, you know? ;) (And why, not! People think I'm in high school all the time. Now I look the part. hee hee)
And there you have it. You'll probably see this belly a little larger next time. I have a feeling Beta isn't going to slow down on growing :)


Nathan & Sarah said...

ahh, you look great, even with the "bling" 18 weeks to go...oh how the time is going to fly!

mama cindy said...

you look beautiful!!!