Friday, February 4, 2011

Ramblings on a snow day...

It's incredible what being confined to your house for a few days will do to an extroverted soul. It doesn't help that my only real face-to-face conversations are with a 22 month old or a barely coherent {and still incredibly handsome and funny} almost 32 year old. That's okay, though, because we're surviving and taking it one day at a time around here.

Here are some random thoughts for your reading pleasure:
*This morning I successfully washed AND dried Benjamin's blankie without him knowing. He sat it down to play in the window and I took it! I had to be sneaky like this, mind you, because when I asked if he wanted to give blankie a bath he had a minor break down. I did let him get it out of the dryer with me, though. That was fun.

*The hot water pipes have been frozen in the kitchen. Awful, I tell you! Without the use of the dishwasher I've been doing dishes little by little in the laundry room. A little humility and little break in routine can't be that bad, right?

*Benjamin and I were watching Elmo before his nap when I heard this gushing noise. Somewhat excited, yet a little apprehensive, I ran into the kitchen. The hot water started working! I do believe my exact words were (in a very loud voice), " GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! I KNEW HE WOULD UNTHAW THE PIPES! GLORY TO GOD AND PEACE ON EARTH TO ALL MEN!" I guess when you're that excited about something as small as the hot water working, you can quote verses from the "Christmas Story" in the bible.

*I would really love to do some kind of cardio workout, outside of my home. And one without a child on my back. Next week, people.

*I selfishly want Patrick to be better by tomorrow. I want to watch the Super Bowl with friends. And mostly, I want to go to Scottsdale!!! Our flight leaves Thursday morning. And I want to be on that plane so badly.

*After living in OK for 10 months, I've decided that I don't like snow storms that last days. Or days and days of snow. Or more than five inches of snow at once. Or temperatures below 5 degrees. I just don't even know who I am anymore. But I'm being completely serious about this snow issue.

*Beta has learned how to do kickboxing. It must be fun because he does it a lot when I'm not moving. I'm proud of him for being so good at entertaining himself and he must be proud of his news moves.

*Patrick is doing a little better. Actually, he feels worse today than yesterday. He's pretty discouraged by that. He isn't throwing up anymore and walked around for about five minutes today. Although, movement of this sort causes hours of bed confinement. He thinks he has a sinus infection now, which can't help anything. I'll be taking him to Urgent Care this afternoon. Please continue praying for him and THANK YOU for being so loving and supportive through this. Your words and prayers mean more than you'll ever know.

*I'm sure if I was a doctor I would limit my hours, but man is it frustrating when you can't get your husband a doctors appointment for a Friday afternoon because NO ONE {who is a family doctor} is working!

*God is the most sweetest thing in all the universe. The ways He has carried me and strengthen me and humbled me and taught me over the last few days is so incredible. I'm so unworthy of His love. But that makes me so much more grateful for it!

*I really want to buy three t-shirts, a pair of workout shorts and a dress from Can't a pregnant girl just buy a few things to wear? Sure your maternity clothes are only worn a few times, but it's the one time you just want to look normal and cute and not huge. I believe these items may help. I know, though, that they are just clothes and it's my head that needs to change. But, come on...

*I want to cut my hair. Not super short like it once was {and I loved}. Just something new. I wear it straight so often that I've thought about long bangs. Ugh. It's just hair.

*I'm ready to kick my sciatic nerve to the curb.

Okay. The end.


jilldamm said...

Good to see that you are actually capable of complaining. I was starting to wonder! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to take you off the spiritual petal stool!

Nathan & Sarah said...

there's a sale on maternity clothes at Old Navy? just trying to help, I know how you feel!

mama cindy said...

oh my goodness! I am so glad your hot water is back on in the kitchen. I'm hoping that the weather warms up and you can get some fresh air, and I hope that Patrick is feeling better. Love you.