Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day update...

I love snow days. Really. I love snow. And being stuck at home. And just doing nothing. Snow days are good days.

We did, in fact, get snow here in Edmond, OK. Actually, we got a blizzard. I'm impressed. AND Chesapeake called off work for today (yesterday at noon) and for tomorrow! Yeah for Patrick being home for two days during the week!

Our day has been very relaxed! I made Fruity Pebble treats (as in Rice Krispie treats with Fruity Pebbles instead...yummmm) last night and I think I'm the only one consuming them today. That's okay, though. We cleaned our closet out and got two bags of stuff for Goodwill and a bag of stuff for trash. We cleaned our room. We hung smoke detectors. We ate lunch. We watched Elmo. AND, most impressively, I have washed and dryed three loads of laundry.

If this snow day doesn't catch me up on much needed house work, I don't know what will!

Here is a little weather update for you:
*Currently - at 1:19 pm - it 's 9 degrees and feels like -12. With that said, the temperature has gone up five degrees so far today! Brrrrrrrr!

*We have an estimated 14 inches of snow, but I couldn't tell. There are so many snow drifts I just wouldn't know where to measure. Plus, I wouldn't want to go outside to measure.

*The winds are now at 24 to 35 mph. And I know this is true because it's howling outside! Oh, and the wind and snow keep trying to get in through our back door. I'm tempted to put a heavy chair in front of it just incase :)

It's been a good day of doing nothing and getting things done. I love that! And as I type my dear husband and the dog are out cross country skiing through the neighborhood. Benjamin is fast asleep. And I, well, I'm in my pajamas wishing I were cross country skiing or asleep :)

Now, here are some pictures:

See, there they go! Had I walked outside more (you know, actually stepped foot out the door) I could have got a better picture. But I'm sure you can tell what's going on here :)
The back porch. The wind has blown everything around like crazy!!! We (um. Patrick) moved everything back in place this morning, but now it's just all over the porch again.
Benjamin helping daddy...kind of. B has followed Patrick around all day wanting to help him and do exactly what daddy is doing. I think it's so precious.
Looking out our front window. There is a road somewhere out there.
Another front yard view. And our drive way? No clue. You can't see it even a little bit. But, for reference, it's by that cluster of trees :)
A random, blurry picture of my {truly the most wonderful maternity} pj bottoms, my OKC Memorial half marathon t-shirt that use to fit really great and Beta :) I was waiting for Patrick and Piper to get onto the road to take a picture, so I found ways to entertain myself. Now that I'm looking at this picture, maybe I should shower. Hum.
The best thing about this snow day? It doesn't end tomorrow morning! We all get to stay in for another snow day tomorrow!! Woohoo!


Morgan said...

i was hoping you would post pictures!! love it!

mama cindy said...

all we are getting is rain. love the picture with Patrick and B. So cute. I love the belly shot....