Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being a wife is all about Jesus...

I found a post yesterday when I stopped by the GirlTalk blog. It's called "Being a wife is all about Jesus". You can check it out here...

A good message to all of us that desire to bring glory and honor to God in our marriages. It's not too long, and worth the read.

Incase you don't want to read it, here are some of my favorite thoughts:
"We belong to Jesus. God calls us to be his daughters as the core identity of our womanhood. For some, he will call to become wife in addition, but never in competition, to that identity. Being a godly wife flows from being a committed daughter."

"Helper is not a second-class position. It is a high calling accepted with humility and confidence. We are not vying with our men to “arrive” someday as something other than what we were called to be -- a support, advisor, comfort, and friend to our husbands."

"Submission is the single-most precious place of safety and freedom that a woman could ever know. Deep belief and complete trust in Jesus to sustain a wife makes submission to even the most difficult man possible."

"A marriage license and a sparkling ring do not automatically transform a woman into a wife who honors God. The grace offered and the righteousness bestowed at the cross is what makes you a godly wife who willingly subjects herself to her husband."

"Your marriage will thrive because of life found in Christ; recognizing your daily need for a Savior and dependant upon his righteousness alone."

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