Monday, September 19, 2011

First day of MDO and Andrew is 4 months old...

...but not on the same day.

MDO started while we were in Minnesota, so B was a week late in starting. He wasn't phased though, he had a great first day. He's in the Busy Bears class this year and at the same school. Our church has an excellent MDO/Pre-school, but it's only offered two days a week. As in, you have to go two days a week. I wasn't ready to send him off for two days just yet. My time with him is so precious. Next year, though, he'll go to Henderson Hills for MDO.

He was pretty excited about school because we had been talking it up while we were on vacation. A few things are different this year: He gets a "cubby" at school for his backpack and lunch box. I take him in, instead of just dropping him off at the door of his class. They nap on a floor mat. They spend a lot more time outside and working on art projects. Also, there is more structure. All good things for my little man!

Ready with his back pack and lunch box. He lined them up like this.

Giving me a "thumb's up". We're still working on showing me a thumb ;)
And to think on the last day of MDO in the Spring, Andrew was a day old and we were in the hospital. And this little baby is four months now!!!
Andrew is still so pleasant. He's such a good eater and was a good sleeper. But I think he's not sleeping great because he's kind of squished in his bassinet. To the crib he's going, friends! Andrew moves constantly! He is almost rolling from back to belly and can roll from belly to back. He's always in some contorted position and can do this little army crawl when he's on his belly. I'm always in shock when I find him across the room.
He's so tender and a snuggler! He talks when he can and is learning to talk around or over B. He always smiles and his laughs melt my heart. UGH. Even still, hearing him laugh makes me stop whatever I'm doing and smile. This baby boy is such a joy to us! How did we ever live without him around!?

These boys. They are growing too fast, friends! And every day gets better and better!!

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mama cindy said...

so cute. love how he lined everything up, reminds of some little girl I used to know.... :)

pretty soon you will put Andrew in one room, and when you come back he will be in another room.