Monday, October 3, 2011

Pictures and ramblings...

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately and I'm super bummed about that. But I try so very hard to grab my camera when cute things are happening. Or sometimes Imake super cute things happen -- you know, like putting the boys into a chair together.

Either way, I'm gathered up a few pictures to share. Mainly because my mom told me I needed to post another picture post, but also because my boys are sweet and precious and only this little once. Certainly you want to enjoy them with me -- even if it is through pictures.

Someday when I'm feeling really crazy, I'll put the videos from my phone on here. There are some good ones. Until then I'll be busy changing diapers and nursing a baby, doing laundry and making meals, running errands and running for fun, drinking coffee, cleaning bathrooms and playing with cars.

And something else I get to do this week: pack bags! The boys and I are flying to Morgantown on Thursday. Patrick had a class, but it got cancelled so he's staying home. Although he doesn't mind being home alone at all! I'm excited to introduce so many friends and family to our sweet Andrew and for everyone to see my big boy again. I'm certain that they are all excited, in return, to see the boys. I'm an afterthought anymore, but that's okay. I would think about B and AR first, too :)

Benjamin can't stop asking when we get to fly on an airplane to Gramma's house, or when he gets to see Pap-pap. And when I ask him who we're going to see he gives me this list: Pap-pap. Gramma. Kent. Gramma. Sarah. Pap-pap. Kent. Can you tell who we talk to a lot around here? ;)

And while I'm rambling. We got rid of cable a few weeks ago and it's been nice. Although we did get an antenna, so we still have access to the important things {PBS}. BUT in flipping basic cable channels I stumbled up Qubo. Have you heard of it? Kids shows all day -- and decent ones! Benjamin is loving The Magic School Bus and Jane and her Dragon. They are both really cute shows. Even with these new options, Curious George is still the favorite. That's ok, I think George is super cute.

Andrew is in the 75 percentile for height and weight, BUT he weighs two pounds less than B did at this age. Ha. This is probably why AR loves playing with his feet, but Benjamin just could never quite get to them :) I love seeing the similarities and differences in them.

On to the pictures...

I moves things around and B was content to read while I rearranged...
Sweet boy! AR is asleep in the swing behind him. I LOVE that he sleeps in that swing. B hated it.
Playing in our borrowed exersaucer. They both equally love it. However, B gets very upset that he can't push the buttons when Andrew is or that he can't sit in it. I remind him that he gets to do other really great things -- like eat ice cream and play at the park.
Happy, happy.
Just one more exersaucer picture.
Please note AR's pouty lip. Neither boy enjoyed being in this chair together very long. Although, B liked having his brother sit with him.
My big, handsome boy!
Little baby feet...and a hand trying to grab them.

Whew. And that's all for now!


mama cindy said...

in the last picture, Andrew looks like Grandpap Pringle. Love the pictures!!!! I'm hoping you are bringing your computer with you, I got a new jump drive and need pictures!!!! :)

Breena said...

Ashley, You certainly do have some beautiful sons!