Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My boys.

For Christmas, Patrick bought me two photography classes.  After the first one, we had homework on learning how to shoot in manuel mode.  The class was incredible and I learned so much!  The following are all pictures I took while practicing.  And I just love them.  They still need to be edited, but I don't have a ton of time for that right now.  I'm just trying to take decent pictures and learn some cool things in the process :) Or maybe the other way around?

My boys.  My life.  My joy. All in a handful of pictures.  What a blessing that I am able to capture it so clearly!

This man.  MY man. Steady. Strong. Confident. Observant.
And those hands...those are good, loving, hard-working, baby holding, diaper changing, hug giving, wife caring hands.

My big boy. Content. Adventurous.  Already his very own person. Strong willed. Tender hearted.  Always has something to say. His laugh is incredible and contagious. Quick to learn. And wise, so very wise.

Playing together.  Father and son.

My baby boy. Loves his momma! Always moving, and quickly. Opinionated.  Persistent. Easy to laugh.  Easy to offend.  Sensitive and steady.  Does not like to be alone. Snuggler. Oh, so smiley.

I love that I can see so much of Patrick in Benjamin AND Andrew.  What a beautiful heritage they get from their daddy!  I've been enjoying them so much lately.

Even in the midst of craziness, chaos and hard, hard days -- I can't help but smile or laugh with them.  There is nothing quite like a laughing baby or a snuggling toddler to make your days so much sweeter.

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mama cindy said...

those are some amazing pictures you took. can't wait to see more.