Thursday, March 22, 2012


One at my feet.  
Trying to move on his own, but staying close by. Something in his mouth. Sweet face looking at me. Bright eyes. Soft smile.  That's my baby.

The other in the dirt.
With trucks and animals. Barefoot.  Always wears jeans -- like daddy.  Creating something. Sparkling blue eyes.  Rosy cheeks.  That's my big boy.

I don't really know how all of this fits into my heart, with room to spare.  But it does.  

God is so kind to me, friends, that I would get to be the momma to these incredible boys.  And that I get to capture moments like these each day.  


1 comment:

mama cindy said...

Andrew looking up takes me back about 29 1/2 years ago. Precious.