Monday, March 5, 2012

Wall art

I have the hardest time being creative in decorating. I always have good intentions, it just never looks the way I imagined it to look. And over the years I've changed my decorating style quite a bit!  I really want my house to look like this...

Either way -- I ordered a few prints from Etsy recently and they needed to be clearly seen!  So with a few other things, they got haphazardly placed on the wall for all to see! Lucky for me, I'm not much of a perfectionist.  Unlucky for me, most of my friends who come over are {including my sweet husband}.

I'm still deciding if it looks how I envisioned it -- maybe I need some more framed art. Or pictures. Maybe I should evenly space what's already there. Humph. Someday I will be awesome at this.  Or maybe not.  I'm clearly not gifted in this way.  Which makes me glad I know people who are!

What I DO know is that I LOVE my bird print and the "heart OK" print. And of course I just can't get enough of seeing my boys ;)

Do tell -- where do I go from here!?

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