Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Forts: A story, of sorts.


Want to know what we do in the mornings before anything opens and we are done with breakfast and getting ready for the day?

We make forts.
Awesome forts.

Sometimes I need help in said forts.  
I'm still small, you know.
Benjamin is bigger.
He makes sure I know this.

Benjamin is not what one would call "a really great fort sharing brother"

So he growls at me and makes angry faces to scare me away.

But I ain't scurred...
I laugh at him.
And then I do weird things with my tongue.
{I also do weird things with my tongue, it makes people think I'm cute}

Sometimes, though, we chill out together and watch Curious George.
I really like that.
B does not as much like that.

He also does not like much when I yell while we are in the fort.
Then I get kicked out.
 And I stick my tongue out more.
Benjamin just makes angry faces.

The end.
 And now for some cute pictures of Andrew. 
He loves the piano.  And remotes.  And being squirrely and dangerous.

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