Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just eight years...

Who would have thought that this boisterous and wandering little girl would have captured the eye of that talented and quiet man? Who would have thought that two weeks was enough to know what love was and that two months would have brought a ring that meant "will you"?  Who would have thought that five long months of planning and talking and being apart would have lead to a single moment of "I will" and "for always" and would have been the single best decision I've ever made? Who would have thought that of all the things I've been blessed with in my life, he would be my favorite?

I love how the plans and ways of the Lord always outdo me and my finite mind.
I love that, even as my exact opposite, there is no one more perfect for me or that could know me any better.
I love that we laugh together in ways that I can't laugh with anyone else.
I love that we can adventure together and travel together so well and with much ease {and a lot of fun}.
I love that God has allowed us to have two beautiful boys who are such an incredible mix of us that it's scary -- and, honestly, breath-taking and humbling.
I love that we have journeyed through dark and hard years together and have weathered those storms.  We are no worse for the wear and, in fact, we are better and closer for it.
I love that we have journeyed through seasons of joy and laughter and we can recall those to one another well.
I love that God has used us to shape and change and encourage one another.
I love that we are not who we were eight years ago -- we're better, together.
I love that God gave us four years of marriage before having babies so we could learn and grow and change together.
I love being Mrs. Patrick McBride.
I love that this is just the beginning -- even still, eight years later.
I love, love, love that the BEST is yet to come.

He still makes my foot pop and my heart leap.  He still opens doors for me and gives me a kiss when he gets home.  He still gives me weird looks and questions my spontaneity and dramatic emotion.  He still makes me remember that I will never, ever understand guys.  And he still leads me to Jesus and teaches me more than anyone else ever has.  His life, his integrity, his zeal, his big picture mind, his rational, his knowledge, his handiness, his daddy-ness, his wittiness, his crazy side -- all of him makes me all that I am.

Eight years seems so short and so long.  Either way, I'm beyond blessed to be married to the most incredible man, ever.  And I wouldn't trade a single day with him for anything.

Happiest Anniversary to you, Patrick McBride.  YOU are my favorite thing.

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