Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oh hey!

I'm still around.

Hi. Have you missed me? Don't answer that unless it's yes.

Life has our days and evenings pretty full.  But full of good things.  And full of things that constantly make me realize my need for Jesus so I can serve my husband and boys, care for and love my friends and fulfill other commitments required of us right now!

BUT to give you something to read, and to let you know that I'm alive, I thought I would pass along this article from the GirlTalk blog.  It was so encouraging to me to read about what a godly woman looks like and it's something I strive to work on daily.  I would love, at the end of my life, for this list to be true of me -- and how I lived!

I know, though, that there are so many things and places that need growth and maturity. I have not arrived. {and if I ever think so, correct me!} Praise God for grace and His patience with us!  There is always a sin to confess and a prayer to pray and scripture to read.  I love that about the Lord...He is always refreshing, always accepting and more than willing to change and love and grow us.

So, check out this post on "What a Godly Woman Looks Life". Hopefully it will encourage your heart, too!

Aaaaaannnnnd time to go.  Andrew is having an after-nap party in his crib and I need to join in on the fun!

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