Thursday, April 11, 2013

A first trimester review...

Since we didn't share our pregnancy with too many people, I chose not to blog openly about it.  Until now :)  Now I'm free to write and process and share as much as I want.  Sorry in advance, I guess...

Finding out we were pregnant was such a sweet surprise.  After the year of crazy, my body was done with all medicines and my veins were so annoyed with needles. In fact, I had to start asking them to use a different vein because of the pain and overuse of my one "good" vein.  Anyone have good veins I can borrow for a few years? Only kidding. Sort of.

I had felt like God was going to do something.  I was hoping to be pregnant and started feeling a few symptoms that are unusual for me.  But I didn't think too much of it since I came down with an awful stomach virus a few days before we found out I was pregnant.  That lasted about a week.  Meanwhile, I'm getting blood drawn every other day and waiting to hear back from my doctor!  It worked to my advantage because I stayed in bed and slept most of that week.  As it turns out, that was only the beginning of the sleep I would need!

The hardest part of this pregnancy, so far, has been the exhaustion coupled with nausea.  I didn't really love any particular type of food, but had a few intense cravings for spring rolls and salads.  Either way, this time around I didn't really have the option of not fixing dinner or just going out to eat.  With two littles  -- staying in and having dinner at home is always preferred.

We all managed through the first 13 weeks.  Mainly, we survived.  There is enough time during the second trimester for me to thrive.  Patrick was so kind and selfless to care for the boys so much while I slept.  He helped so much with house work.  And did all of this while working his full time job! I'm so grateful and blessed with a husband who loves me and our family much more than himself.

I have been more active this pregnancy than the others.  I've been working out and lifting weights since day one.  When I was pregnant with Andrew I stopped working out for a few weeks because I was so sick.  This time, I've just dealt with feeling sick and figured out how to work around it.  Plus, going to the Y was a good break for all of us most days!

I gained weight -- seven pounds, I think -- at a pretty decent rate.  And when I weighed myself this morning {I'm 14 weeks and 4 days} I was at 10 pounds.  But -- to defend myself! -- I have felt much better the last two weeks, so I have increased my weight lifting again and I have started gaining back some lost muscle.  I'm still, and always will be, a firm believer in working out during pregnancy and caring for your body that way.  And each person is different, I know.  That's just my opinion!

I still can't wear maternity jeans.  And it's awful.  Most of my pants are too tight in my waist {although, I have ONE pair that has remained faithful}, but the maternity pants slide right off after a few minutes of wearing them.  It's fine.  I'll be able to wear skirts and dresses very soon!  I will note, however, that my most favorite pair of jeans ever stopped fitting comfortably at around 7 weeks.  Sad day.  But I will wear them again happily someday.

My hair has been fabulous this time around, but I've struggled with more acne than normal.  I have crazy heart burn and my digestive system hates me.  It could be because I eat a lot of McDonald's french fries {don't judge}. My lower back just started getting uncomfortable over the last few weeks {stay away sciatic pain!} -- but I'm all over visiting my chiropractor. I napped daily until about a week ago.  I have had a hard time sleeping through the night.  I wake up for about 2 hours most night.  It's been good prayer and stretching time!

I had a little bleeding at 10 {ish} weeks and went to my midwife for a quick check ultrasound.  The baby was wiggling and had a great heart rate.  Praise Jesus! She did tell me to lighten up on my running.  And when I saw her last week for my monthly appointment -- she told me to go ahead and start running again if I felt comfortable.  Turns out that by the third time around, your cervix is super sensitive! Either way, God has been kind and I haven't had any other bleeding scares. {Unlike with both Benjamin AND Andrew!!!}

At my last appointment the baby's heart was beating great and it was moving so much.  Another active baby!  It did.not.stop.  Maybe because I have been drinking a lot of orange juice {I don't really like OJ in normal life}.  I think this little fetus is another boy and so does Benjamin.  Also, the lady at Whole Foods thinks it's a boy. Patrick, and everyone else in life, thinks we are having a girl.  Our chances of having a boy are very high -- statically speaking.  I'm just saying.

We do have a girl name that we both like {another reason it's a boy!}, but boy names are still hard to come by around here.  Benjamin has said several times that he wants to name the baby Andrew and have "two little brother Andrews around".  We are still trying to help him see this isn't a good idea. He also likes the names Curious George, Clifford and Mr. Buddy.  Andrew has no opinion.  But both boys do love yelling "hi baby!" at my belly.  Sometimes they will sing or ask it questions. And B is convinced that the baby said, "go ga ga ga bababa" to him this morning.  I smiled.  You choose your battles wisely, you know?

So -- all of those words just to tell you that I'm so glad to be in the second trimester and look forward to a little more energy before the third trimester hits.  It's been a tough few months, but I pleaded with God to let me feel bad.  It's always a good sign to be sick -- and I wanted that desperately.  He heard and answered, and I'm

And for visual reference, here are pictures :) Please excuse the quality of picture since it was taken on my phone!

11.5 weeks, I think.
14 weeks
6 weeks/8 weeks/10 weeks/13 weeks
Sweeeeeet little baby!


247mama said...

So happy for you! Blessings as you continue to grow your family.


Lauren said...

I'm so happy about this baby!!! Much grace to you and yours as you carry the sweet gift!

young wife&mom said...

YEAH! She'll be so sweet:) You'll wonder how you ever lived without her!

So very happy for you!