Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear baby girl...

Dear baby girl --

It seems as though we have been waiting a very long time for you.  You have been contently growing and changing and getting ready to meet us.  Your Creator has gently cared for you and allowed you to grow just as He has seen fit.  I just know that He has lovingly held you in His hands -- because I asked Him to hold you each and every day until I could.  And our God is faithful, my love.

Sweet girl, did you know how long we prayed for you?  Do you know there were so many people walking with us as we asked God to allow us to have another baby?  Each month, each cycle of Clomid, our friends came around us and asked God for life.  And then on the very last round of clomid that we were allowed to do, He answered those prayers and pleas -- with YOU!  You are such a gift to us and an answer to many, many prayers.

The Lord has been preparing my heart, and our home, for you since we found out you were a girl.  I thought that we would be an all boy family, but God knew we need a baby girl around here.  I was so nervous and so anxious about having a little girl -- I just wasn't sure if I was the right woman to raise a girl. Would I know what to do and what to say? How would I raise two boys AND a girl?  But our Lord, in His wisdom, knew that I was indeed the best woman to be your momma.  Let's just promise to learn together and be full of grace.

Lucky you, little girl -- there are two big brothers waiting so {not very} patiently for you.  Since we knew you were a girl, Benjamin has been telling the world about his baby sister! He makes pictures for you daily and loves to kiss my belly and talk to you.  I'm certain you'll know him right away when you come into the world.  And Andrew is excited, too.  He pulls up my shirt and tries to open my belly button so you can come out! He is such a sweet boy, I know he will entertain you so much and protect you.  These boys were made to be your brothers and you are a blessed girl because of that!

Your daddy knew you were a girl from day one and has been so excited about you coming into our family. He is so incredible and will treat you like a princess. He will teach you so much about Jesus and life.  He will love you so deeply.  He will also, very likely, give you just about anything you want. Be wise with what you request!

I think, sometimes, about how you will fit into my arms and if you'll be longer or shorter or bigger or smaller than your brothers.  I know your bumps from the inside and can only imagine what they will look like on the outside.  You already seem graceful and intentional.   You move so much at night and I pray often that you will learn quickly that we sleep at night, although I'm not so naive to know that is wishful thinking.

I wonder if you will be alert and observant, watching the boys run around you.  I wonder if you're use to the noises they make and hearing screams of pretend knights and heroes and pirates taking over our home.  You'll learn quickly that boys will be boys. It's okay if you want to play pirates or always be the princess.

We have been praying for you and we love you so much already.  I knew that each one of us can't wait to hold you in our arms.  Our home has pinks and purples and birds and bows now.  Those are things that never had a place until now.  And we are waiting for you.  Come soon, little sister, there is so much out here for you to see.  Mostly, we just want you here to make our little family so much sweeter and fuller and complete.

I'll love you forever and always,

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mama cindy said...

such a sweet letter...lucky little girl to have such a good mama.

Love you and miss you.