Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One week and such...

It's been one week {and one day} since Elise was born and made us a family of five.  I know it sounds silly, but I'm always amazed at how much love you have inside of you for more babies.  Seriously. I can't get enough of this girl -- and I can't get enough of the boys, either! I love the way God made us to love and enjoy our children!

The boys are doing great with this sweet girl and she has NO shortage of love or attention.  There is always someone willing to be in her face, or holding her, or giving her kisses.  It's a tough life she has, I tell you! But, again, God has extended great kindness to us.  We prayed so much for the boys and this transition.  It certainly hasn't been without bumps -- but they are tolerable bumps and God is gracious to give us what we need to get through each day.

Yesterday was my first day with all three.  There were some stressful moments in the afternoon and a few tears on my part -- but we made it and this is life now.  I prayed a lot at the end of my pregnancy for guidance in these days.  I felt so concerned about not being able to care for three children.  But God is so good and has given me so much with each new day.  And more than that, He has given me an incredible husband and the most wonderful friends.

It's much easier the third time to wake up and night and nurse, to be sitting on a couch most of the day, to move around a feeding schedule.  I don't stress out at the first utterance of a cry and feel more capable of daily chores and necessary "to-do's" than I did with Benjamin.  Life does indeed go on and you adjust as seems fit. Praise God for grace, though!

Elise had her newborn check up on Monday.  She weighed in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and measured 22 inches.  So, she regained her birth weight -- plus three ounces and apparently grew half an inch {but measuring tiny people is just so hit and miss}.  She loves to eat.  She loves to eat for as long as she can.  And she is still aggressive and efficient.  Elise is sleeping well and is starting to have more awake moments.  It's fun to see her eyes more and talk with her.  The boys enjoy when she lays on the floor so they can be near her. 

I just love tiny babies!!! Especially when they are mine ;) Here are a few pictures from the last week. I'm not in one of them, but I am present and necessary -- take heart! :)

Swaddled and sleeping.

Love her. They just love her.

Sleepy smiles.

Napping with daddy

Andrew getting to "hose her. hose Edie."

She has a well protected future.

4 or 5 days old, I think.

6 days old. Tummy time!

Baby jeggings!!!

Andrew talking away to Elise.

The boys enjoying her "looking" at them!


young wife&mom said...

She is so beautiful! I love the little swaddle picture..enjoy those precious days my friend!

Lauren said...

Oh my! The jeggings!!! Hilarious!!!