Saturday, December 21, 2013

Savoring a moment...

Last night we had a "camp out" in our living room.  We watched The Polar Express, then grabbed sleeping bags and lined them up.  The boys were so excited and didn't calm down easily for bed time {as you can imagine}.

We turned off the lights. I sat on the couch to nurse Elise.  Andrew, Patrick and Benjamin were at my feet -- the smallest ones a bit restless and the big one relaxed and resting.

And then for a few minutes there was quietness and calm -- and in those very short minutes I closed my eyes to savor each little thing that was happening...

Elise was content, belly full, laying on my chest.  I love to feel my baby's head snuggled up in the crook of my neck.  She was breathing softly and sleeping peacefully.

Andrew was trying to get comfortable and would grab my foot, pulling it near each time he moved.  He would sigh and relax, then move again -- always finding my foot as he settled in.

Benjamin was laying still, playing with his dream light dog {a new toy that brings sheer delight to this four year old!}.  Blue, green and yellow stars flashed on the ceiling as he tried to rest.  Then I felt a warm blanket cover my legs.  And slowly the blanket covered one shoulder, carefully avoiding a little sister.  I opened my eyes and Benjamin was quietly caring for me, knowing I was probably cold as I rested on the couch. I smiled a grateful smile at him.

These children.  These tiny little children that have been given to Patrick and I to care for, to raise, to enjoy -- they are incredible. Each one giving love in their own way.  Each one different in personality.  Each one tender and joyful and such a beautiful treasure to us.


These are the moments I don't want to forget quickly because when I look back on these little years, I want to remember the calms in the storm and the joys that make these days so delightful.

And in a flash, chaos ensued as Andrew stood up and starting dancing and talking and Benjamin just couldn't resist the urge to join in.  Quietness may be short and fleeting, but it can certainly be enjoyed...

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