Monday, January 6, 2014

Just a little memorizing...

I love knowing that I can hide God's Word in my heart.  It's such a treasure to me.  Being in God's Word has always been something so delightful to my heart.  I remember spending hours reading my bible!  These days are not conducive to hours and hours in the Word -- but that doesn't mean that I'm not seeking or digging deep for those hidden words!

My time with the Lord looks different in each season of my life -- and I think it should! There is always adjusting and growing and changing and digressing to be had.  Adding Elise to our mix has not been difficult in many ways, but making good use of my precious {and almost nonexistent free time} has been a hard thing to grasp.  I'm still working on consistency and making God's Word a priority right now.  But I am working on it!

Over at A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp has set up a beautiful method of memorizing scripture through printable cards. This year she has used verses from the gospel of John. You can memorize 24 chronological verses, or however many you would like!

Check out her blog about this and print out the cards! I'm looking forward to memorizing more scripture this year and seeing how God challenges me and grows me through this discipline.  Let me know if you do it, too - we can encourage one another!

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