Friday, October 9, 2015

Car conversations.

Our school is having their fall break right now. And let me be honest: this morning was awful! Sometimes I wonder how we survive each other.  At one point the boys were in their beds with the demand to be silent, Elise was put into her crib because she wouldn't stop screaming and crying and Caleb was on the couch crying because he wanted to be held and fed. How do I even start handling all of that?

I walked away.  I grabbed Caleb and moved him to my bed.  I prayed. And took a few deep breaths.

I apologized to the boys.  I let them speak their minds. I shared with them their disobedience and the reason I was upset. I asked them to apologize.  We were fine. I went to Elise and held her. I talked to her and let her know I loved her. And then I fed my baby. Oh my goodness, four kids can be hard and overwhelming somedays.

But I remember that everyday isn't like this.  Most of our day, even though full of chaos, are good.  They are hard and sad, fun and silly, go with the flow days.  In these hard times I'm grateful to remember that all days are not this difficult.

Also, I texted Patrick and he kindly said, "Let's meet at the mall for lunch."

Yes, yes and yes. I love him.

On the way home we were chatting and being sweet.  Clearly, we all just needed to leave the house and see daddy!  The boys started picking on one another about who they were going to marry.  This is a new thing and actually pretty funny.  Andrew is in a "I don't like girls" phase, so he is very offended when it's suggested he will get married.  Unless it's a day he does like girls, then he just laughs.

Something was said about Benjamin not being able to marry someone because they were younger.  I shared with them that I was almost 3 years younger than Patrick -- and they were shocked! Ha! And then a series of questions began about how old they were when I was in third grade.  I had to explain they weren't alive yet.  And here is part of our conversation:

B: Were we with Jesus before we were born?
A: I was with Jesus before I was born!
Me: You were with Jesus? Was He nice? Did He take care of you?
A: Yes! Jesus was nice to me. And He hugged me.  And the soldiers were nice, too. They didn't kill me or anything.
Me: Well, that's great!
B: So before we were born did we stay with Jesus? And then did He stuff us into your belly? And then we were born.  How do babies get out of your belly? Do they cut babies out of a big circle in your body?
Me: Some people get cuts to get their babies out! Like Aunt Sarah.  That's how baby Cole got here!
B: Uncle Kent and Aunt Sarah should have to more babies. And they should be girls...and we can name them!

This went on a bit, but it was funny to see how their minds process and try to figure out where they came from and how the world around them works.  Being a momma is hard work, but these moments of questions and laughter and figuring out together are worth a lot of bad days.

PS - Sorry, Sarah, for throwing you under the bus to get out of birthing questions!!! If the boys have c-section questions -- they now know who to talk to!!! ;)

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