Friday, December 4, 2015

The Ten Commandments of Motherhood...

Maybe it's just fun to think of how I get by each day.  Maybe you need to laugh a little or shake your head.  Maybe you need a few tips on how to get it done.  But I was thinking of these this morning as I was walking to the park with the littles.  I was near the edge of my limits and thinking of this list made me laugh and remember that these days are, well, tough.  But they are also so very good.

1. Thou shall seek the Lord for grace each day and look to Him for sustainment.

2. Thou shall drink plenty of caffeine.

3. Thou shall laugh often so you don't go crazy.

4. Thou shall leave the house when necessary and remember that fresh air cures a lot of woes and insanity.

5. Thou shall find a theme song and dance to it frequently {Mine: Up in here, by DMX. Other good options: We are the Champions, Queen/I gotta get through this, Daniel Bettingfield/Mind stopped working, you'll find one... I just know it.}

6. Thou shall not compare thyself to other moms or people who do things awesome in their own way, BUT celebrate your differences and the way YOU do things with awesomeness. 

7. Thou shall find a good friend or two {or four, whatever} and stick together. 

8. Thou shall not be afraid to use the TV or iPad or loud toys as a distraction so you can take a deep breath or two/clean the house/not hurt anyone. Seriously, it won't ruin them and everyone survives!

9. Thou shall read as many books as possible, play with legos and blocks, wrap babies in blankets, play hide and seek, brush hair, change clothes, and tickle children whenever you can because children should be children.  And you should enjoy these days, too. 

10. Thou shall kiss and hug and snuggle your small people at least one thousand times a day.  They still like it when they are bigger, even if they put up a fight.  Everyone needs these things, even if you don't want to be touched one more time by any living thing.  Hugs do a world of good to any breathing human.

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