Monday, January 30, 2017

A snow day! January 2017

Snow days are not common around here these days, it seems. But when we get snow -- you better believe we find what we can, layer up and get outside! You can see in the pictures that Benjamin chose to leave the house unprepared and didn't wear socks while playing in the snow... while wearing his sneakers. Boys. 

This was Caleb's first time to actually play in the snow.  He loved the idea of snow and didn't mind being in it, but the second he touched it he was done. Haha! Elise was only a fan after she let me put the right clothes on her to play. We obviously don't spend the money to buy our children appropriate snow clothing! Maybe some day....

Neighbors/friends. These boys found a pond and then I kindly gave them cookies and hot chocolate and lectured them about never, ever going near or on a pond when it's cold in Oklahoma. 

Smart girls ate snacks inside and watched the boys from the warmth of the kitchen!

Best Friends Forever.

Getting ready to walk back home after spending some time at the Moss home! We all took turns having the kids in our houses so they wouldn't go crazy!

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