Thursday, April 27, 2017

Benjamin plays Baseball!

Benjamin is playing baseball this Spring! He's on an 8 year old, coach pitch team. He enjoys the game and is pretty good for never playing! He has got a hit at every game but one. I must add that he looks incredible handsome and adorable in his uniform!!! He chose the number "38" because that is how old Patrick is :) Hopefully he won't feel the  need to change his number each year to keep up with the aging process. 

This is the first sport that Benjamin has asked to play and he does a great job of making practices and games. This week we had a game Monday night and Tuesday night, which made it a little exhausting for everyone. The little kids love being at the ball field and playing with friends/playing in dirt/running around. 



Run to first base. 

Benjamin with his friend and our neighbor Ben!

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