Monday, December 11, 2006

Old MacDonald had a farm

I just returned from an afternoon adventure to a local farmer's market. I have high ambitions to make vegtable soup and pasta sauce and I wanted fresh ingredients, so I ventured over to Yarnick's Farm, it's about 10 minutes from our home. I am amazed that I can be in the middle of this city and within 10 minutes, I am nestled among trees and dirt roads and a local farm.

While this transition has been very difficult (and mainly for reasons beyond moving), I find that the Lord is showing me how much He has prepared me for this place. It was such a blessing to find this market today. The last day they're open for the season is Friday, so I caught them just in time. PLUS, they had incredible sales going on. I look forward to them opening again in March. What a sweet day that will be!
Not only do they have fresh fruits and veggies, they have fresh beef too. I am so blessed to have a local farmer's market to support and I reap rewards of a healthy, well nurished family! That is a beautiful reward to me.

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Anonymous said... very Prov.31 -ish you must feel, bringing your food from afar! That would be wonderful. I bet it even tastes more delicious!