Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It won't be long before we're there with snooooowww

I love the movie "White Christmas". Every time I watch it I laugh at the same parts and sing along with all of the songs. There is nothing like Bing Crosby and Rosemarry Clooney singing around an indoor campfire, wouldn't you agree?

Last week we had a "snow storm" that produced 3 inches of snow over a few days. Piper LOVED the snow. If he saw it was snowing outside, he would bark and whine until I took him outside. Then we would come in to warm up and not five minutes later he would be by the door whimpering and ringing his little bell.
He made a mess of the pretty snow. I sincerely hope that our elderly neighbors did not have high hopes of gazing at beautiful, new fallen snow in their yard (because we all share a front yard). Piper also dug up the area beside their front door. So instead of snow on the sidewalk, there was dirt. I tried to follow him and cover his crazy tracks, but it was impossible to keep up with snow-loving, hyper Piper.

It was so funny to watch him play in the snow. He would sniff, then lick. He would sniff, then dig. Then, like a madman, he would take off toward blowing snow. Poor guy was on a leash, so there was always an unhappy ending to the chase. Back and forth he would run. Unfortunately, I would go outside unprepared to play in the snow and he would be so excited he would drag me across the yard. I think his favorite thing, though, was to sit in the snow and watch the cars creep by and the people wabble past us. He would growl a bit, then turn and look at me, then stare at whatever was near by. He is a good puppy. Here are some pictures....

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad to hear that someone else loves "White Christmas". Alisha laughs at me but I get her to "watch" (she usually falls asleep) it every Christmas eve.

Snow, Snow, Snoooww........

Merry Christmas
Jeremy, Alisha, Noah