Wednesday, January 24, 2007

100 posts and snow days....

This is my 100th post. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and love and I speak my mind and write my days away!

ANYWAYS-It's been snowing here the whole week. I love it! It's so beautiful outside! They snow flakes are huge and it's snowing quite heavily. I don't like when Piper wants to go outside, but it's a fun change of pace to run around with the dog while it's snowing. Plus, I get a lot of my built up energy out too! I'm so sad that Piper can't talk to me. It's so discouraging when I am sharing my heart with him and telling him about things and he just cocks his head and stares blankly at me. I need more interaction with people :)

With the snow fallin and the temperatures droppin (hee hee), I've been handed a lot of free time. I've run a few errands, but other than that I've been at home. Today I'm making more spaghetti sauce. It's been so nice to stay home. If it were up to me, I would have something to do and somewhere to be every day. I realize that I only say that because it's not the case in my life, but it was a nice thought. I've been able to read a lot and spend some time in prayer. I've been introduced (not personally) to two godly men who are struggling for their lives, literally. It's been an incredible joy for me to pray for these men and read updates about their situations. You, too, can pray for them and check out their stories: and . I don't know either of these guys, but when we're all in heaven I cannot wait to run up to them and give them a high five. God has used their faith, courage and unfortunate circumstances to bring me to my knees and glorify God in so many new ways. How incredible is our God?

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