Monday, January 29, 2007

Friday hike

On Friday afternoon, Patrick and I layered ourselves with warm clothes and snow pants, grabbed Piper and drove up to the farm. Patrick wanted to walk around and use the GPS he borrowed from work. I had no desire to be standing on top of a mountain in the snow, but we went and had a fun time (looking back, we had a fun time).

We got out of the truck (my car would not have made it!) and walked around for a few minutes. It was so cold and very windy, but so beautiful! We decided to hike around and go to the back side of the property. We walked into clusters of trees, we walked down little hills and up very large hills. We jumped over streams and wiggled through Brier patches. There was about eight inches of snow up there, so it was still and silent.

I stumbled several times since I had no idea what I was walking on. Only once I fell face first into the snow. When I got up, I was pretty ticked off, but when I think about the whole was really funny. We hiked for about 1 mile and that took about an hour and a half. Not a bad cardio workout, I'd say. I wore way too many layers, by the time we got back to the truck I was very hot!

We brought the camera and were able to take some pictures. It's beautiful up there, wouldn't you agree?


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I'm sorry I laughed at the thought of you face first in snow. Ummm...I'm sorry too that I probably would've laughed if I'd been there. But the pictures are beautiful! And I'm so happy that Patrick has his land. He is obviously excited. Blessings!!
Erin C.