Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our new car

I didn't really want a new car until I was stuck in the snow for three days. However, when you have cabin fever, you say some crazy things! Patrick and I have been talking about getting a new car for about three weeks. Should we? Shouldn't we? Is now the best time? Can we make the payments? What would we get? SO many questions. It really came down to a few things: safety, room to grow, will accomodate our lifestyle.

With Darla (my Honda Civic, that I dearly loved) we couldn't really fit comfortably anymore. Piper and his crate in the back seat, everything else in the trunk. Plus, we both wanted my car to have four wheel drive. This would be mighty helpful for when we move out to the farm! Patrick did a little research and I did, nothing. I asked questions and made a few points from my perspective, but I've learned how Patrick works. I was going to wait until he was ready, then let him do his thing.

There was a white Honda CR-V in a used car lot near our home. Patrick would wonder about it every time we drove by. Last Wednesday, he asked me to call and get some information on it. So, I did. 2004, White Honda CR-V, one previous owner, trade in, 52000 miles. I called back and before I knew it, Patrick was on his way home from work so we could test drive it. We took it for a spin and we both loved it. I did not think I would like a CR-V, but I was wrong! It seemed to be a great car, with great space and room to grow. (Perfect for ski trips, road trips and whatever other kind of trips!)

We went home after the test drive and talked about the car. We looked at our budget and really prayed for discernment. Patrick emailed me the next morning from work saying he couldn't stop thinking about the car. So, later that day we went to the lot and bought the car. When Patrick gets his mind set on something, we do it!

So, we have a new car. (A short story, made long!!!) We both love it and it's been very fun driving it around. While it was hard to get rid of the civic, I'm glad we have this new car to share and enjoy!


beth chase said...

Cute car! Congratulations on the new wheels!

Jeannie said...

how will you find it in a snow bank?? ha ha just kidding - groovy wheels!