Friday, February 2, 2007

Quick (and random) thought

Tonight, we went to a concert at Chestnut Ridge. It was great. Charlie Hall and Bebo Norman were there and really blessed me through their music and musings.

Point: I (and Patrick agrees) that Charlie Hall and Casey Cease could be long lost brothers. They don't look alike as much as share the same humor, facial expressions and attitude. It was funny and weird all at the same time.

Could someone share that with Casey? Thanks.

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Pam's Place said...

It was sooooo coooool seeing you at the concert. I'm thrilled that you are now closer to home and that we can see you now and then. Yes...I need to introduce you to my dear Michael. He's wonderful!
Treats me like a queen. I enjoy reading your blogs so keep it up. I try to write often but tend to get lazy at times. New entry went in today though. Pray for my new job at the WVU Cancer Center. Nina gets to orient me tomorrow:)