Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow, then ice and now more snow

It has been a very white few days here in Indiana, PA. It started snowing yesterday morning and hasn't stopped. We got about six (6) inches of snow yesterday, then last night as we innocently slept in our warm beds, the sky opened up and layered the snow with about an inch of ice! The sleet has stopped, but the snow has started again. Just this morning, we've accumulated about another inch of snow. It shows no sign of stopping!

Yesterday, to celebrate the snow (and Ashley day), I drove to Starbucks. It's not a long drive and, in fact, I could easily walk there. But it was snowing and it was cold. I got into my car and drove (slid) to Starbucks. I contently sat inside, drinking a decaf latte and reading a book. What a wonderful morning! After I left Starbucks, thinking that since I braved the roads I should just run an errand, I drove to get some papers from Triple A. Yikes! The roads were slick and people were going everywhere. These are the days I long for an all wheel drive vehicle.

I was going to go swim at the Y this morning, but I called first and they are closed! Everything (except Patrick's work, go figure) is closed! I really just want to drive around town and see what it looks like! Again, I think I would be more adventuresome if I had all wheel drive.
Piper and I went outside to walk around and play this morning! It was so funny to watch him make his way through the snow and ice! It was not so funny, as I trampled through the snow, and almost feel several times because my feet cracked the ice below! It was fun and very exciting and Piper is sleeping soundly now.

(Pictures: Top- back door with ice on it; Second pic- my car; Third- the view of the front of our building, you can barely see the sidewalk!; Last- Walked through snow/ice. Piper was a bit confused by this.)

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