Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Charles Keith Royce

My dad. I can't believe that this month will be six months since he died. I still have bad days, when I just cry and shake my head in disbelief. It's funny how, while it's been half a year already, I still think it's all make believe and that my dad didn't really die.

My mind will be racing one minute with today's to-do list, then the very next minute I'll be lost in thought about my dad. I can recall much more vividly memories I had forgotten. I praise God for that gift. I sometimes smile, thinking about something my dad would say often. I chuckle out loud when I think of him doing things that embarrassed me. Oh, how I would love to talk with my dad again. I would love to make just one more memory with him. Those feelings, I can tell you, will never go away.

I'm so grateful for the way the Lord has been healing my heart. Each day, I learn more about who God is and that makes losing my earthly father a little more bearable. My Heavenly Father cares deeply about me, I have learned this full well through this time of sorrow and mourning.

My dad was funny. I don't think he minded getting his picture taken, but he never seemed ready! He always has a funny look on his face or his mouth was in such a way as though he was getting ready to say something. I laugh about these things as I look, fondly, at pictures I have of him. I'm going to make a scrapbook of all of these pictures. If you want, when I'm done, I'll show you each page and tell you a story. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed, especially when you're in a picture with someone who is gone. When my thousand words are up for a picture, I'll ask you if I can share just one thousand more. Oh, I would love to talk to you about my dad, about my heart and about how it all fits together.


Baby Hancock said...

You can talk a thousand words to me anytime! Just pick up the phone and I'd love to listen about your Dad! Love you!

Jeannie said...

No one can replace our Daddies! They are the first ones to show us strength!
love you babe!

Bethany said...

I miss our father dearly.... 6 months hurt this past week. I went to Archie's yesterday, first time I was there in 6 months..exactly. It wasn't very much fun..